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  1. i appreciate the update shane. even though i did not compete, i have followed this very closely and think i am right in saying that this was exactly what teams were wanting to know. i appreciate that you are doing this yourself and are following through with your word. i cant wait for next event and hope to compete
  2. I actually completely agree with PJ here. He makes great points about starting a BF4 server for UF. Personally, i've had BF4 since the release of the playstation and have yet to play it. so if i had a reason to play it, i would hop on and take it for a spin. My PSN is Awtrace if anyone would like to get together play with my guys and I
  3. Pillorian, i thank you for trying to get this started as most of us have probably had some sort of conversation relating to this and i appreciate the fact that you are at least trying to do that. I would like to contribute in anyway i can. While i go to school and work full time, i don't always have a ton of time. However i'm willing to help by at least by being in constant communication in what needs to be done and in what we should all do contribute. I am attempting to make UnF an actual clan instead of just a competitive team that really isn't going anywhere due to the lack of interest.
  4. I think you're being ignored. This needs to be handled before someone takes legal actions Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  5. I got the PS4 with ghosts, bf4, AC4, and Nfs rivals Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  6. I believe that, even if it is patented, as long as they have adjusted the mode by about 20% differently compared to UF's Tac Maps they can use it. Also, patents have an expiration date so maybe the patent has expired Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  7. Not necessarily accurate. I know that with an iPhone, if you jailbreak it, you have the ability to get all the apps on the App Store for free. I know this because my brother has done it and jail broken many iPhones before. Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  8. Doesn't matter. You said it never reached 100 viewers and it obviously did.
  9. Yea obviously you didn't watch the entire stream. The highest I saw it get up too was 111 viewers during a match on express near the end of the tournament. I'm not in anyway supporting UF because I would personally demand the money within two weeks of the event ending and would contact a lawyer anytime after that because you are a business, you made a promise, and you didn't follow through. However, you're stats are off germ.
  10. Awtrace

    Xbox One Reactions

    Like I said, I wouldn't care. I don't borrow from friends and I don't let people borrow. That's how shit gets broken anyways. Sent from my iPhone 4 using Tapatalk
  11. Awtrace

    Xbox One Reactions

    I never said that anyone was going to win the argument. In fact, this entire argument was not even on which system was better but rather my facts to back up why Xbox was made for shooters and was a more competitive system for shooters. Shane's the one who couldn't understand my points and continued to make irrelevant points. I never once said anything about the comfortability of the controllers. I simply stated that the Xbox controller was specifically designed for shooters. He proceeded to go with the completely logically flawed argument of "so you're saying I shouldn't play playstation
  12. Awtrace

    Xbox One Reactions

    I'd like to point put that the last question of the first Q&A even supports my statement. "The Xbox one requires Internet connection but we have implemented way for you to play games, watch tv and movies if you lose your connection. So I believe it's sad to say that you won't have to have Internet to play a single player game. Secondly. You still haven't approached my fact of the PROFESSIONAL call of duty players that even said they preferred Xbox over ps3 because of the competition and the superior FPS system in general. Your argument of "the competition is relatively the same. Anahe
  13. Awtrace

    Xbox One Reactions

    First I would like to point out how your logical fallacy of "since you said that Xbox controllers were made specifically for shooters, your saying I can't play shooter" is a complete avoidance of my argument. Halo MADE Xbox. They even said it in the conference. They also say how it influenced the designs in the system and the controller. A trigger is supposed to be shaped like a controller and that's why the Xbox controller has triggers because its made primarily for shooters. Now, onto the second point, yes players go where the money is but that is still avoiding my argument. You did not
  14. Awtrace

    Xbox One Reactions

    The cloud theory was merely a suggestion. But they wouldn't scam you like that. There's probably something set in place for things such as that. If that were the case then I would be pissed Sent from my iPhone 4 using Tapatalk