Urgent Frequency – Episode #72 – Urgent Fury:Black 2010 Evo 2 Championship Wrap-Up!

This episode features an exclusive interview with Clan Uprising’s Matty2D & Ravenfall’s Paramedic. The 2 discuss the highlights of the UF:Black 2010 (2nd Evolution) Championship match. Plus, we turn to gametrailers.com to find out if HALO:Reach can succeed without Master Chief, the franchise’s iconic main character. And we remember 9/11.

Urgent Frequency – Episode #71 – Medal Of Honor Attacked!!! Plus, we introduce Julian “Jack” Dossantos

Commander Fury & Urgent Fury’s new Director Of Marketing Julian Dossantos share a pint. Plus, EA/DICE faces a possible legal fire fight because of questionable content in the forthcoming Medal Of Honor reboot.

Urgent Frequency Episode 69 – Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 Tester

This week we feature a special guest as Inadub prepares to try and Test the waters: Sam “Doc” Castanon III from Season One of the Tester tells how it is Prize Packs prepare to ship Sit Rep and so much more…

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Urgent Fury Black is upon us!!!

Urgent Frequency Podcast Episode 52

This episode includes:

A rundown on UF Chosin and UF Black, An Announcement about another Socom Tournament for 2009, A Glimpse of Modern Warfare 2 from Robert Bowling, The Return of the Urgent Frequency email survey goto www.urgentfury.com/podcast for the email link.

The Fall Season gets underway with UF Chosin

“We have thrown in some twists into this TacMap by starting everyone out with a full cluster. So everyone has a chopper attack from day one. There are random Flank territories that can attack a cluster’s reservoir and some properties that are well fortified by the map location.”

UF Black Weekly Update

Standings DIVISION [Clan]          W / L / T / P >*T              3 / 0 / 0 / 36 cBF              3 / 0 / 0 / 36 S+S              3 / 0 / 0 / 35 LPK             3 / 0 / 0 / 35 U                  3 / 0 / 0 / 34 <N>            3 / 0 / 0 […]