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Urgent Fury Black is upon us!!!


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Happy New Year, 2K X is upon us.

With an exciting 2009 closing with an epic ending, we look towards 2010 (2K X) to be another hot edition of Urgent Fury. As announced we start 2010 out by welcoming BradyGames as our 2010 Prize sponsor for many of the events coming up. Each member of an Event Championship team will receive their choice […]

Urgent Frequency

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Urgent Frequency – Episode 57 – Twas the Podcast Before Christmas

In this special podcast: Special interview with LPK’s Meauxpack and MikeJaxon from Uprising Holiday Greetings from all UF: 141 breaks ground Socom DLC Modern Warfare 2 and more…

Urgent Frequency

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Urgent Frequency – Episode 56 – Attack on Urgent Fury

This started out as an exciting Podcast with a tribute to Pearl Harbor and an exciting announcement to the Community, but ironically Urgent Fury suffered an attack of its own kind, you will need to listen to hear more. This weeks Episode includes: Remembering Pearl Harbor The Attack on Urgent Fury Chosin Update Black Update […]

Urgent Frequency Podcast Episode 52

This episode includes:

A rundown on UF Chosin and UF Black, An Announcement about another Socom Tournament for 2009, A Glimpse of Modern Warfare 2 from Robert Bowling, The Return of the Urgent Frequency email survey goto for the email link.

The Fall Season gets underway with UF Chosin

“We have thrown in some twists into this TacMap by starting everyone out with a full cluster. So everyone has a chopper attack from day one. There are random Flank territories that can attack a cluster’s reservoir and some properties that are well fortified by the map location.”