Urgent Frequency – Episode #71 – Medal Of Honor Attacked!!! Plus, we introduce Julian “Jack” Dossantos

Commander Fury & Urgent Fury’s new Director Of Marketing Julian Dossantos share a pint. Plus, EA/DICE faces a possible legal fire fight because of questionable content in the forthcoming Medal Of Honor reboot.

Urgent Frequency Episode 70 – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Since this is a family podcast…we can’t show you what really happened in Los Angeles during E3. But, PSNation.org’s Glenn Percival tells everything! FEATURING Linkin Park’s “The Catalyst”. Available on iTunes.

Urgent Frequency Episode 65 – Holy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day all you Tad Polls!!! In this week’s episode: Black Regular Season Ends, Playoffs begin Summer Boom on the Way Medal of Honor Greg Goodrich interview by Game Trailers

Urgent Frequency Episode 64 – Volcanic Iceland

In This weeks episode: 141 Champion UF Black Begins Splinter Cell for XBox and an Interview with Reps from 141’s final stand

Urgent Frequency Episode 63 – Insane Murphy’s Rocket Emporium Sponsors Urgent Fury

In this weeks Episode: UF 141 Sitrep and it’s a doosey Tale tucked between their legs, a clan runs away from the deadly rockets Game Trailers Visits Battlefield: Bad Company 2 We welcome a new sponsor to Urgent Fury

Now at Urgent Fury’s Zazzle Store – No Random Nades Allowed

Urgent Fury Black is upon us!!!

Urgent Frequency Episode 62 – What Turns you on?

Boy did Commander Fury Go all out this week, in this episode: UF 141 Sit Rep Spoof Flash Back Playstation’s Qore Host Audrey Cleo Stops by the Studio We pay tribute to our fellow Fallen Shooter [cBF] TheHulkster and so much more!!! Don’t forget to email show ideas, questions and more to commnderfury@urgentfury.com