Urgent Frequency Ep. #76 The Tester Season 2 Update with Sam “Doc” Castannon III

Back by popular demand…Sam”Doc” Castannon III stops by to talk about his new podcast, and to update us on The Tester (Season 2). Plus, Urgent Fury Command passes along hard dates regarding Urgent Fury:Cold War. And confirms the launch of  a TACMAP tournament event for Call Of Duty:Black Ops for both PS3 & XBox.

Urgent Frequency Episode 70 – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Since this is a family podcast…we can’t show you what really happened in Los Angeles during E3. But, PSNation.org’s Glenn Percival tells everything! FEATURING Linkin Park’s “The Catalyst”. Available on iTunes.

Urgent Frequency Episode 69 – Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 Tester

This week we feature a special guest as Inadub prepares to try and Test the waters: Sam “Doc” Castanon III from Season One of the Tester tells how it is Prize Packs prepare to ship Sit Rep and so much more…

Urgent Frequency Episode 68 – E3 The Debrief – Part Two and More

Part 2 is loaded with info about the South Hall at E3 including: An exclusive interview with Craig Owens of EA An exclusive interview with “Doc” of the Tester Season1 A round table with Owners Shane, AC and John along with special guest Bill F’kn Murray How I owned the Devs of Medal of Honor […]

Commander Fury reviews SOCOM 4

It was August 27, 2002. The day that changed my life as a gamer. The day that my mysterious lady was born. She was so mysterious in fact, that her name was an abbreviation. Special Operations COMmand or SOCOM, as I like to call her, was magnificent. And, she had everything. Thanks to the PS2’s […]

Urgent Frequency Episode 67 – E3 The Debrief – Part One

So as many have been waiting for, we spent E3 gathering intel for all of you guys and well instead of spoiling it for you, I just will let you start with Part 1 of our 2 part series for the E3 Debrief…

E3 2010 Wrap Up, so much to do, so little time to do it all

As many know this is the first time that Urgent Fury has atteneded the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). This is a major step for Urgent Fury. In attendance were William Murray (FW’s Wolf Dog), Patrick Gross (Commander Claymore Fury) and myself, Shane Bell, CIO Urgent Fury. As you can imagine this was a major step […]