UF Chosin Week 4 Schedule

MONDAY 10/5 U attacks TX at Majon-Dong/Flank from Chinhung-Ni/Forward Mon 9:00 PM 101 attacks DK at Fongnyur River/Reservoir from Toktong Pass/Flank Mon 9:30 PM Tuesday 10/6 U attacks 101 at Changjin Reservoir/Forward from Chinhung-Ni/Forward Tues 9:00 PM TNU attacks LPK at Changjin River/ Flank from Oro-Ri/Forward Tues 9:00 PM Wednesday 10/7 cBF attacks U at […]

UF Chosin

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UF Chosin Week 3 Complete

Another week complete and another clan out… Red fell and SCK is not that far behind. But U and TNU are still holding strong with eight territores and TX chasing their tails. Week 4 looks to be a pretty strong week as the attack options are quickly becoming far and few between for many of […]

UF Chosin battlefront update

Well the powerhouse of three is now only one, read more…

UF Chosin

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UF Chosin Week 3 Schedule Posted

Check out the UF Chosin schedule for Week 3…

UF Chosin

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UF Chosin Week 2 Complete

TX had their first loss and fell behind U and TNU who now hold seven territories each and hold the lead, but Wednesday TX will attack U for the first time. Will TX have what it takes to break the U winning streak? We will see.

Read more…

An update from the Chosin Battlefield

…the real story is the Power House 3 way tie between… read more.

Urgent Frequency Podcast Episode 52

This episode includes:

A rundown on UF Chosin and UF Black, An Announcement about another Socom Tournament for 2009, A Glimpse of Modern Warfare 2 from Robert Bowling, The Return of the Urgent Frequency email survey goto www.urgentfury.com/podcast for the email link.

UF Chosin Week 2 Schedule Posted

Week 2’s Chosin Schedule is now available, check out the Chosin Information Center on the forums for more info…

UF Chosin Week 1 Complete

What an exiting week here at Urgent Fury, we started our Latest TacMap tournament on Monday September 14th and what an exciting week it has been. We have clans that are continuing with their past history as well as one of our newest clan showing their colors as well. Read more…

A report from the Chosin Battle Front

Recognize: Hollow Heroes clings to their Reservoir after loosing Hellfire Valley (flank) to Team Players and Hellfire Valley (forward) to Clan Blunt Force, but RHH is not out of it yet, they Attack the Texas Clan Killaz on Thursday and Saturday.