Urgent Frequency Ep. 93 – Exclusive Interview with Starhawk Senior Producer Harvard Bonin

“Starhawk” Senior Producer Harvard Bonin Jr. explains exactly what he does, and gets his very own Spoof Ad. Partial Artwork from www.starhawkradio.com

StarHawk has been awarded the Urgent Fury 2012 Multiplayer Tournament Title of the Year

Back in September, we previewed StarHawk for the first time on UFreqTV in PlayStation Home for our fans. Even before this, right away Jack (UFreqTV’s Host) pointed out at E3 that we need to keep an eye on this game. He talked about how the “Build & Battle” would bring a whole new element to our […]

I am addicted to the StarHawk Private Beta!

Recently Santa Monica Studios and LightBox Interactive launched the StarHawk Private Beta and after getting a code from GameSpot, I decided to try it out. My initial reaction can be summed up in one word, AMAZING. Over the last couple of weeks we have put up an UrgentFury.com Server/Lobby, yes I said lobby, in which […]

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ‘Peeks’ & ‘Beta’ Announcement!

Story by: CritiKiL Want to know what ‘Data Mugging’ is? When will GRFS be released as well as the ‘Beta’ for the game? Want to see some exclusive muliplayer and co-op footage? ~ Check out some Never Seen Before Gameplay, as the lovely Ms. Brookelyn interviews Tommy Jacob (Creative Director on the Multiplayer),  and Roman […]

PAX East 2011 Update: SOCOM 4 & Brink

Urgent Fury Directors L to R…CIO Shane Bell, CFO Armond Compton, & COO John Ostrow at PAX East 2011. The official attendance count for PAX East 2011 was 69,500. Breaking last year’s attendance of 52,290.   Brink TM from Splash Damage &  Bethesda shows off it’s final build of the game before it’s scheduled launch […]

Urgent Fury invades PAX East 2011

Urgent Fury CFO Armond Compton gets a hands on sample of Zipper Interactive’s SOCOM 4 at PAX East 2011. (Inset) Urgent Fury Media Assistant Will “disfsk3x14″ Pulistar gets some stick time on SOCOM 4 as well. He says…Meow! Stay tuned for continuous updates from the expo.

Urgent Frequency Ep. #82- PAX East 2011 PREVIEW

Urgent Fury CIO Shane Bell stops by for a very “loosey goosey” episode of Urgent Frequency. An episode that features the usual Urgent Fury SITREP, a complete PAX East 2011 Preview, a surprise guest, and Charlie Sheen. WINNING! Duh!

Urgent Frequency Ep. #80- Urgent Frequency’s coverage of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs “Media Day”.

With all of the questions that surround the next title in the SOCOM:U.S. Navy SEALs franchise, Urgent Fury decided to do some forward RECON to get some real answers regarding what some are saying, is the most important release in the franchise’s long history. After being invited to participate in ZIPPER INTERACTIVE’S SOCOM 4: U.S. […]

Episode 66 – The Debrief is Coming

Heads up guys we got so much intel, its going to take a few podcasts to do it… Ohh and there are prizes too…

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Want to get back in MAG beta, Here you go!!!

If you are looking for a voucher to get back in the MAG beta, come to the Urgent Fury Blog and click the image… we got your direct link to Sony’s beta giveaway while supplies last… www.urgentfury.com/blog