Searching for the Next Socom Part IV

Searching for the Next Socom Part IV Foreword: I began this year with the highest hopes that my Search for a game that gave me back the excitement, the all night gaming marathons, the anticipation felt when I was driving home from work on a night in which my clan and I were scheduled to […]

My path to online gaming.

The first tournament site I was on was (now gamebattles). That community was a pretty cool one (it’s now terrible lol), but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for or my clan was looking for. During Socom 2 I found a site called It had a real tight knit community filled with mostly honorable clans, but with Socom 2 most of the clans and the site dissolved. During that site’s downfall I heard from a friend in that community about this upcoming tournament site called “Urgent Fury.”

Being Respectful in Online Gaming:

– “a deference to a right, privilege, privileged position, or someone or something considered to have certain rights or privileges; proper acceptance or courtesy; acknowledgment: “

Gamer Fever

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Urgent Fury: What Is It To You?

There wasn’t really anywhere to actually go and have a regulated game, so this site was awesome! Of course, there was the usual this and that among clans but it was squashed in a fast and furious manner.

Gamer Fever

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Gaming – A Woman’s Perspective

So, I’m asked, “Hey, can we get a woman’s perspective on gaming?” Okay, but I haven’t gamed in quite a few months. (Well, except for the map and a half last Friday on Socom, but that was because my brother finally bought the game and I wanted to play with him.)

MADDEN 2010 Part II

Madden 2010: Online Play So I got a chance to buckle in, strap ‘em up, and test my mettle against others in a ranked match. I gotta say, I was actually NERVOUS! It’s been years since I’ve played Madden online and I used to fair pretty well. I didn’t want to come back here all […]

Gamer Fever – Madden 2010

Gamer Fever Madden 2010 Part I Superstar mode review: Madden 2010 hit the shelves recently unveiling the latest line in what was becoming a flailing franchise. The developers spent a lot of time adding features and removing others to try and rekindle the spark Madden once had. Madden began offering the Superstar mode a few years ago […]

Gamer Fever – An inside look from UF Gamers

Gamer Fever The gaming world is an ever changing environment as new games are released and new patches and fixes for current titles become available Urgent Fury will be there in the trenches reporting the trends and developments that you the online gamer are interested in. We will cross all genres and platforms and bring […]

Urgent Fury Welcomes KontrolFreek

Great news!  We just partnered with KontrolFreek (makers of the popular FPS Freek) and they’re sponsoring a weekly contest for our community. Just stay connected to UF and you could win a pair of FPS Freek’s each week!  In the meantime, get a 10% Discount on any KontrolFreek order by using our Promo Code: URGENTFURY Visit their site at […]