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  1. Female Drivers..

    That video is so true. LOL

    Damn nice seats!

    Thanks SID, Zseen from our clan made it for me.
  4. Check out my new sig.....

    Thanks guys, Zseen has some INSANE photoshop talent. You should check out some of his stuff on our website in the graphics section.

  6. Zseen from SxB made me this sig today. This is the big version of it.
  7. Difference

    I agree with that Koontz, those are the things I mainly look at when voting.
  8. Circuit City CLOSES

    Buyer Beware. Got Burnout Paradise for $19.99. My local CC doesnt have very many good deals if any at all right now.
  9. l

  10. Please VOTE to help my friend with his wedding

    Those are some crazy pics, voted #9.
  11. Howdy from the 5th

    Big deal. Did that band copy off of Fallen Footwear?
  12. What a Great LAUGH

    That first one was AWESOME!!!! LMAO
  13. PS3 red flashing light

    On the return/repair form it had a space to fill out if there was a disc stuck inside. I had COD4 stuck inside so I filled it out and mentioned it to the guy on the phone and he made an additional note. When I got the PS3 back it had COD4 in a paper CD case and packed nicely. It all took about 10 days. They even sent me back a 60 gb just like mine. I got mine done for free out of warranty cause mine got the yellow light just after doing an update. I guess the software part is covered.
  14. PS3 red flashing light

    Happened to me as well, lost everything and had to start over.