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  1. Working on it. Every time I go to tweak the rules, I find a great map/mode combo that doesn't usually come up in the public playlist and get lost playing it. LOL.
  2. I'm seeing a lot of boost used as a way to quick snipe. No bueno
  3. Yep yep. Everyone knows I hold a hair trigger on the ban hammer.
  4. Iridium, go play elsewhere, go work on your own website. Nothing you're saying here is impressive or less than completely counterproductive. Boring....
  5. Actually... when you think about all he just said... In a round about way, iridium (Pillorian) has successfully maintained the feel of the old UF by taking the role of bitchy, narcissistic drama llama.
  6. Agreed. Here is some food for thought: every time someone rants about Chicago, it makes it harder to source the money to recover the prize earnings. So, those that are actively complaining out there about not getting reimbursed, are actually making it that much less likely for them to secure their winnings in a timely manner. In no way am I saying that is happening in this thread, but I am making a broad statement about the winners in general. Sent on my HTC ONE, Sprint satellite service with TapaTalk 4.3
  7. It's really great to see you again goat. Thanks for posting! I hope everything is well with you. Sent on my HTC ONE, Sprint satellite service with TapaTalk 4.3
  8. I'd prefer $125, then it would be a solid extra unit to have for disc based games this close to, and after the 4 release. hell, ship it without a hdd, since most SD cards are bigger these days that cost $15
  9. we are really glad to hear from SOTG! Welcome to Urgent Fury!
  10. Welcome Sent on my HTC ONE, Sprint satellite service with TapaTalk 4.3
  11. Sup Hardcore- you will certainly find an upstanding clan to play with around these parts.
  12. From all of us at Urgent Fury, we wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday.
  13. Time is running out folks. New rewards have been added and you're going to miss out on all the swag you can get- and getting stuck having to pay full price for the game when it comes out. Just a polite nudge.....
  14. Hell yeah. That was the most emotional thing we got out of him in backer comments all day. Cracked me up too
  15. As a standard policy, we dont delete accounts. You do have options however. 1, dont make the choice to log in. 2, you can choose to opt out of email notifications through your profile options. That should effectively end your contact with Urgent Fury. Thank you and best wishes.
  16. Not sure what you mean about being dicked over. But if they don't reach their 200k goal, no money changes hands. We are working very closely with SOF, and we know this isn't some sort of scam. Participate in the Q and A Saturday then make an informed choice.
  17. John

    XBOX and UF

    The other short story is that over the years, we have offered, or allowed UF members the opportunity to start all kinds of competition for the xbox. When anyone tried, hardly any interest was drummed up. It's never gotten anywhere.
  18. John

    Xbox One Reactions

    I have a spooky feeling that some point soon, our NAVI's in our cars, and our smart phones will start playing ads when we drive or walk past retailers and fast food. And Microsoft (and Google and conduit) has begun paving the way.
  19. John

    Xbox One Reactions

    Bet money that after being on for a short period of time with tape, you'll get an error code and be forced to take it off. Let's also not forget how on the 360, they used the cam to analyze your room for brands. Then you received ads relevant to what you had in your room. Ie: sodas, pizza boxes, clothing etc. That crap and the new crap on the way, does not fly with me.... I mean I really hate even getting ads on sites for stuff I Google.