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  1. The past few days have seen a good amount of pledges which is great! We are about 25% there - keep it coming!
  2. The pledges are really starting to come in for H-Hour....the game is already ahead of the pace set by Takedown (another tactial TPS) which raised $200k last April. Keep the support coming, fellas!
  3. Yah - I was initially skeptical about that too but once David Sears clarified their intention to bring this game to PS4 I donated my money.
  4. I noticed the homepage to the website has information regarding the H-Hour projects attempt at funding over at but I'm suprised it's not getting more support from the community. As I write this, the project has only made $26k with 351 donaters. What the hell? This community alone should have 300+ donaters for the game - people have been begging for years to have a SOCOM that mirrors the original two releases and now we finally have a team of developers headed by the man who headed the original Socom and it looks like the project may fall short? Show it some love peopl
  5. Hey Save - check out and post on our forums if your're interested. We have guys on BF3 (and COD) every night. The plan is to move to BF4 once it comes out....
  6. Just saw the multiplayer trailer for this game and it looks pretty cool. I've never played a Splinter Cell game before - is anyone on here looking forward to this game or the "Spies vs. Mercs" online multiplayter?
  7. Hey man - we're gearing up for the upcoming UF POW II tournament that starts in about two weeks - if you're interested check out and post on the forums.
  8. Visit if your're looking to participate in this tournament. We have a few more roster spots open and can use a few more good players for the tacmap!
  9. hey bro im planning on doing some clan battles would you be interested please let me know my email is [email protected]

    we are call ed the grim creepers and ive been put in charge of sorting out clan matches so please let me know

  10. Hope to see you in the upcoming UF: Nexus tournament!
  11. We made a slight rule change. Due to feedback from the community, the round time for Conflict, Sabotage and Stockade have been reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
  12. I've met up with a few clans in this community on GRFS in the past month and I'm still seeing a lot of activity online. I'm hoping an organized competition that this community can provide will help get even more folks interested.