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  1. I had a great time and put forth everything I had and i know the clan did the same, so i leave with no regrets. We fought tooth and nail until the end and just got finished off. It was great playing with everyone from 101 and all the other clans we have fought. JYK you guys definitly have my respect for besting us in so many different ways and maps. Thanks everyone for a memorable first UF tour.
  2. hahah i think he means good shit...
  3. yup y'all got skills but there hasnt been a clan ive met in UF that hasnt. trust me a lot of people think differently of JYK after these few wars and realize that they are a tougher clan then first expected (not that we underestimated y'all but that we were exactly sure what we were gonna get). y'all get props in my book but until the dust settles and the winner is declared, dont expect much ass kissing or praise.
  4. i think he meant with "the future of UF" is what is going to happen next. like the next UF tours and what not.
  5. there's only one team DETROIT RED WINGS!!!
  6. if the whole plays like socom 2 thing is real....i think i just had an explosion in my pants
  8. he'll get booted once millen does...or that old guy from Oak dies...
  9. helllllllllllllllllllll yeah lions!
  10. they'll blow it! sorry i pulled for 'em in the year of the bartman...
  11. [101]DETROITFAN


    yup. i dont really care for soccer all that much but when a guy is as good as ronaldinho then u take notice, even if its in a sport you dont particularly like. i know u werent comparing his contract to anything but i was just saying that arod's is quite ridiculous as well
  12. [101]DETROITFAN


    arod right now has a 252 mill over 10 years. which equates to about 25 mill per year. and it looks like he's gonna get 30 mill after this (or possibly next) season. so doesnt that mean he gets more than ronaldinho?
  13. i thought this had died. can someone please lock this shizzle before more crap starts? thanks
  14. great job LA. great time playin against ya. good luck in the future
  15. set up a league drafting near the end of october on yahoo. league ID:25316 pass:detroit its a roto league. just for fun but please be active.
  16. who is this chump and what the hell is wrong with him and what the hell is his website?
  17. good job guys. loved playin against ya. always gave us a run for our money. good luck in the future
  18. bump. also a change in plans. draft is now @ 330 pm EST!
  19. strick, what time u got the appointment? I can move the time around if it helps and doesnt screw anyone else outta drafting. let me know
  20. everyone fails in comparison to detroit!
  21. guys who joined is the draft time alright with you or do u need it changed? Saturday afternoon is the best time for me or possible sunday. Let me know