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  1. I feed mine twice a day. Once before i leave for my first class, and again at dinner so he's not begging. Newton gets dry food. He is almost one, and loses his balls and claws in March. Sorry buddy.
  2. Go to and look up Photoshop CS3 keygen. With that you can download the full trial version and unlock it the KEY GENerator.
  3. Last I knew Sniper and Tow have the flash sigs turned off, aka not able to be used, because of some potential security risks.
  4. I have already stopped playing COD4...i play NFS:Pro street instead. Looking forward to downloading Confrontation though.
  5. I have my third girl on the way now...So congrats brother. All will be fine, and your life is certainly going to change. Feel free to shoot me any questions you have, I've learned about about being a daay in the last 7 years....
  6. I use a Motorola H500 bluetooth. It works fine. I saw a MadCatz bluetooth headset on that has a mute button and volume. I'm prolly gonna get it for myself in Jan for my b-day.
  7. Yes...Congrats guys. It was a pretty good FF season.
  8. My gamestop has a bunch also...i don't see the crises.
  9. Cold in Pa. but only about 2" total in the last two "storms" that passed over.
  10. Really pay these guys millions of dollars a year and expect them to perform at these levels for their entire contracts. What do you really expect an aging player to do? Would you really drop your $12m/yr when you are 35, or juice and continue your carreer? These guys are human just like the rest of us...they want to keep that cash coming in, and performance enhancement is what they have available. As far as I see it, they know the side effects of the drug, and are willing to risk it so they can fulfill the expectation set forth by the coaches, and worse yet, the fans.
  11. I'm soooooo tired of this series. The two movies were better separate.
  12. [PHS] Pai_Mei


    And these types comments are what make you such an ass. Later man.
  13. Same...Hardcore play only. And it's not camping, it's "strategic defensive positioning" Nope, my only issue in Hardcore is those who still run around letting the RPG's loose like it's an AK or something.