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  1. it sounds fun but think of all the new cheaters they would be opening doors for.if you think cheating is bad now,just wait till this xbox recently banned 6000 members for cheating,
  2. yeah,so just go home after work and download it.while it downloads for the next 3 hours cause everyone is then will be able to have quality time with your family,before you forget that they even exist.COMMING SOON ......DLC....... in HOME THEATERS near YOU!
  3. if it not too late we would like to particapate
  4. Just wondering who is all comming back to black in 2010.with cod out there i was thinking most of you will be on that?i know DEA will be back in black.what about you?
  6. THEY might as well said spring 2020.the chick just said comming soon.BS
  7. THIS IS TOO FUNNY. I just sent SHANE a pm yesterday about this lol.
  8. you dont have a site?they are easy to get up if you are computer not but have some guys that took care of this for the clan.really cheap to do,or expesive all up to you.
  9. thanks guys,all the the GLORY goes to my new Communications Officer AGENT-ZERO-X-,I THANK ALL who has stoped by to visit.
  10. YES We have another new is still not work friendly or kid friendly.use caution!Thanks and we hope you guys enjoy.we do.
  11. well if your looking for fair and honorable play outside of urgent fury.i suggest you get alot of uf members on your friends list.there are always a uf clans with their own personal room up,where you can go and just enjoy yourself.if your looking for a ranked should be able to uf memebers there as well,you might not get the respect and fair play from other clans in the room,but you atleast know you have a better chance at shutting those direspectful guys up,when your playing with other uf clans.and if you can find a ranked room with all uf clans in there,well you just struck gold,and hope you dont get booted lol
  12. if your gonna ask these type of questions . i will require pics as well to give my answers lol