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  1. did they say anything about it during sony's e3 conference?i overslept and missed it :'( edit: nvm just read a few posts up that they did, gotta get on and watch it now lol
  2. Montage Preview there is the preview for my next montage
  3. That's because the auto aim is cranked up for MW2. Don't believe me? Dig up your MW disc and see for yourself. it really is and it pisses me off soooo muchi was on bailout and was shooting at someone on a ledge then another guy runs in front of him and my gun follows that guy and messed up my aim, i wish there was a option to turn auto aim off
  4. you can claim cheating all you wont but it won't change the fact that it's not a glitch nor is it actual cheating. If it is a glitch please explain to me how so. Sniper rifles are in the game, the play style while using the sniper rifle is up to the player. Its nothing more than a different play style and cannot be possibly labeled cheating. The way I see is it the people who call it cheating are the ones that can't do it or are killed by it so much it left a sour taste in their mouth. The thing you gotta learn it that it isn't hard to kill quickscopers, hell its harder to kill snipers camping in a corner somewhere. So like i said before if someone is good enough to actually quickscope in a game and come out with a 2.0 k/d or higher then I somewhat envy them for their skills.
  5. like CDBS said, no-scope montages usually take days to make. But due to the small amount of noscopes i had i was able to make it in a day but i don't use a red dot or anything on my tv because i was playing on my alt account that has a k/d of .43 because i only use it to mess around with new guns and what not. So it didn't hold me back from trying stuff i wouldn't normally do on JKillWil. Also like he said it actually does take some skill, noscoping more luck though. And just like anything else in this game you have to practice practice practice. You can't claim cheating when you've never even tried to quickscope/noscope to realize how hard it is to do when someone is shooting at you. If someone can actually do it in a tournament match and do good enough to make people complain than i envy them for their skill. To each his own though.
  6. i don't think that's hardcore :-X there ya go, perfect montage hardcore song
  7. i gave a shot at quick/no scoping and this is what happened, it was my first day too so go easy on me if sniping isn't your thing then have no fear i have another montage i didn't post on these forums Montage Preview new preview, might be best if i add it to the first post instead
  8. i don't want to sound like a douche and mean no harm by what i'm about to say: there wasn't anything special about it, just one kill clips the song didn't go well with the montage and i often refrain from using hardcore songs in my montages though the quality was really good ;D also some clips just didn't make sense like spectating someone who died, maybe i missed something
  9. yeah i used a pinnacle dazzle that kill streak was funny as hell because he fired a whole clip at me and missed then he tried to run up and knife me as i'm backing away
  10. jkillwil


    i had the same problem and bought a new more expensive wireless router lol that fixed it but like someone said, try one wireless and the other one on a wired connection
  11. jkillwil

    MW2 Montage

    the song is The Melting Point of Wax by Thrice BigmoneyNacku: thanks, i'm still getting used to the acog scope, i'm just glad that they changed it from how it looked in cod4
  12. bring up my postor something like that basically just to bring your topic to the top of the page
  13. someone hurry and get under a blanket, fix your hair so you look like an emo chick, then scream and cry into the camera asking the media to LEAVE TIGER ALONE!!!! but yeah i agree, if someone famous gets a little paper cut it'll be on the news all week if something that actually matters happens then it'll get a 2 minute story on the news and that will be the end of it its sad to see how the majority of america is more concerned with how famous movie stars wipe their ass than the things that actually matter i'm just scared for the day when my generation is running america with their hippy hoppity music and their mtv's :'(
  14. i never noticed that you could speed it up by hitting r1 either my friend had to tell me
  15. my friend just recently told me about themi love their songs
  16. more like a preview for my mw2 montage i'll be making soon once i get enough time and clips i got really bored today so i decided that since i haven't made a mw2 video yet that i might as well make a preview of the one i'm going to make lol
  17. the story mode was lacking it tend to skip around a lot and wasn't as well put together as mw plus iw seemed to put in a few unnecessary levels the breach sequences were fun as hell but some of the chase scenes were just annoying imo and a 5 hour campaign is about the normal length of a fps game but they could of made it longer also i loved that they got rid of the infinite spawning of enemies, made the gameplay a lot more enjoyable
  18. i love the scar red dot sight + fmj and with stopping power, its just unbeatable plus it's accuracy is one of the highest in the game now if the fire rate was higher and it had a larger mag......