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  1. LMAO, thats just awful
  2. Im actually pretty damn excited about this.... If this is any good, i'll be required to go get a ps3 again. Im really hoping they deliver.
  3. the only thing in noticed that was teddy bear ish was the fact that the smoke after the flash bangs by the filing cabinet makes the shape of a teddy bear.... its very subtle, and you have to really look for it. Around 1:24/1:25 look right infront of his cross hairs.. you can see the shape of what would be a teddy bear
  4. lol... its obviously fake, its just funny... but I tried it after i saw it as well, just to confirm... I didnt see it on the forums, so i posted it here
  5. Pretty good, but couldnt gotten their point acros in like 30 seconds instead of 3mins
  6. While I agree with your point Irish, The thing that pisses me off is the media itself, and their notion of them feeling like its totally acceptable to talk about peoples private issues. I mean, do we REALLY care that Tiger cheated on his wife? Is that news? A man, cheated on his wife.... that shit happens every fucking day, yet... OH MY GOD, TIGER WOODS?!!?!!?!! A Black Guy Cheated on his hot ass White Wife?!!?! What a fucking surprise... I. Hate. Stupid. News.
  7. Thanks... I was wondering this...
  8. I was flipping channels, and every fucking station was having coverage of it, which prompted me to post my rant thread.. lol
  9. ..... its on every damn major news network... its not THAT serious folks.. the guy is an amazing golfer, end of story. Why should anything else matter in HIS life? God, i hate the media and their slant ass coverage
  10. Anyone watch that game? Drew Brees was quite fearless, and picked apart the pats defense...
  11. Happy thanks giving to all !!!! Be Safe Everyone!!
  12. I cant believe you guys are still talking about havoc's penis.... Let it die.
  13. Better be careful with that statement... thats blasphemy around these parts... LOL
  14. The Nuke seems pretty ridiculous... however, if someone has a 25 kill streak, then the opposing team Does infact deserve to die. LOL.. Great Find Irish!
  15. Thats really the biggest reason for why I feel like Slant Six killed socom. We beta tested their bullshit.. and they gave us nothing in return. DLC?! .. please, thats a fucking joke, and a sad attempt to keep people playing their game.
  16. Oh Cmon Nacku.... I SPEAKS THE TROOF!
  17. Im sure that the hardcore Socomers will eat up all of the rehash maps that Slant Six is putting out. But, Im thinking that given the amount of hype currently surrounding MW2, and the chance that it will probably live up to its expectations,( considering how well the first one did) that this game will draw a massive amount of gamers away from socom. Again, call me bitter, but I still cant understand the argument of "(insert game here) isnt socom". Lets face it... Socom Confrontation was NOT socom. They've patched the hell out of it trying to make it the socom that we all knew and loved, but Socom was done on the PS2 if you look back at "socom" and what it was back then Personally Socom, the game itself is such a small part of what made the game great(in my opinion)... Socom introduced alot of us to organized tactical game play , and the ability to communicate with our friends on line. Both about actual tactics, and just shooting the breeze. No other game will be "like socom" because true socomers cant seem to ever look past their blatant love of the game, flaws and all. Yet, with the market now saturated with First Person Shooters, some of which are mediocre at best... none the less, there are very good tactical shooter ALTERNATIVES to socom. Yes, their first person, and yes, their NOT socom.. but for christ sake... A good portion of them are games that are designed better, have better support behind the scenes, and provide a very satisfactory gaming experience for those of us who enjoy shooters. I hated First Person shooters while I played Socom.. But in retrospect, its because I sucked at it, since I wasnt used to it. After playing a few.. it becomes completely normal, and its all about what you're used to. I know this sounds like another socom rant, but the facts still remain.. Even after all the patches, and people constantly saying "its not as bad now" or "they fixed it"... I still think that Socom died when It was given to Slant six...
  18. They really might as well just called it that.
  19. You know, guys.. this is the part that amazes me. ITS THE SAME FUCKING SAME ASS MAPS ALL OVER AGAIN. How about some new shit for christ sake! *BTW, I dont negate that Blizzard is a great map, and those images look cool... but cmon... its time for some FRESH maps, not rehashes of old stuff