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  1. thats fuckin awesome
  2. understandable ive been busy with work since last week thursday and now i gotta go back to school on monday. whenever you get the chance, ill just remind you from time to time.
  3. hmmm...well that bursts my bubble. i was hoping i could play the shit out of the beta so that i dont have to buy the game. oh well i guess i just keep playing random ass demos till i get new games
  4. oh mr. Wrath did you forget again? wait that obvious. cmon man ive been waiting to see what you've come up with.
  5. lmfao i figured you did. if you could that would be awesome
  6. just wondering, hows it coming with those other sigs wrath. just want to see what you came up with for them
  7. umm....i had NAT type 2 before now its NAT type 1
  8. dont know as of the last couple weeks i really havent been able to play socom as i have either been getting the network initialization failed or when i play it is way too laggy and i either get booted multiple times in a couple games or i just say forget it after 1 game. what i dont get is that i can play MW2 and RDR just fine without any problem except for occasional lag but thats about it.
  9. i like the maps there pretty fun and unique. only got to play all of them once last night and i gotta say fuel is a little too big in my opinion. i pretty much was lost the entire match trying to figure out where the hell i was going and where everyone was at. carnival was fun, except for having to play search on it for the first time. trailer park that was fun to, some dude on my team found a blowup doll on the top of a truck at the spawn. as for strike and vacant, i enjoyed playing both of them again and was surprised that they were actually being played like they were in COD4. havent tried the new game mode yet but probably will later on. altogether i like this map pack alot better than the previous one.
  10. Have you tried going into the internet settings, where you can clean out the cookies, and block the site from there?
  11. it was the first infamous in there not infamous 2. thats not supposed to come out til next year. anyways a friend of mine got it and he said it was worth it with what he will be getting every month but as for this month idk doesnt seem like i want to spend that money.
  12. damn now i want one too that show is pretty good. too bad you have to read subtitles though
  13. Thanks for the vid but I pretty much only have only 2 questions now. With the router I have it lets me see all the computers/systems connected to it and allows to set one of them up in DMZplus mode (as my router calls it). Well last night I set my own personal computer that is hardwired up in the DMZ mode and I had no problems last night on my ps3 what so ever. So with that being said would I have to set it up as my ps3 is the one in DMZ mode or leave it as my computer? And my other question is, if it is the case that I have to put my ps3 in DMZ or leave it as my computer would I still set up a static ip for it or no?
  14. lol what i meant by the same router/modem is that I have the same type of router/modem that I had before but a brand new one since the old one was about 8 years old. This newer one that I have is only about 1-2 weeks old and am having problems that I didnt really have with the older one. I just put my router into dmz mode, which I am hoping will solve my problem but not exactly sure. I will try changing the channel to different ones to see which will work the best. Thanks for all the help you guys are giving me so far.
  15. soccer is stupid. thats all i have to say
  16. I have the same router/modem that i had before, the phones are all the same and nothing has changed except the router. As for my NAT type that is type 2 as it was with the previous one. Opening ports is something that I am not really able to do, I can change the wireless settings on the router to some extent but I cant really open up ports for my ps3. I have tried changing channels once but it didnt make that much difference so I put set it back to the previous channel. Now I used to play wired, but that was before I moved my room to the basement to allow my lil bro to have his room. I have never really had any problems going wireless up until this past week or so.
  17. my signal strength is pretty good considering my ps3 is in the basement and router/modem is on the 2nd floor (directly above my ps3)
  18. well I have no idea what to do anymore. For the past week or so, I have been experiencing a ridiculous amount of lag. I have messed with my connection setting too many times to count to try and solve my problem. I have even reset my router too, with no such help. I currently have my computer (hardwired), a laptop (wireless) and my ps3 (wireless) connected to my router. I have been experiencing almost non-stop lag on my ps3 while gaming and cant figure out what to do to stop all the lag from happening. The router I have is brand new as we just got it maybe 2 weeks ago. I cant stand all this lag that I'm having while playing my ps3, so can anyone help me out on this. I cannot change the setup of the computers as I dont have any phone jacks where my ps3 is located. Also if it helps I am using a AT&T 2WIRE router/modem.
  19. possibly try it without the circle and see how you like it then? other than looks looks nice better than what i can do lol
  20. dunno maybe someone should start to count
  21. why did i ever think that was a good idea to watch that. never again
  22. i already know for a fact that im going to be getting socom 4 when it comes out and besides i got plenty of time to preorder that. ill probably get RDR but im not sure since im kinda looking for a game that will either take quite a while to beat or something that is pretty solid online
  23. i will be getting a new ps3 game this weekend possible and have no idea what i want to get at this point in time. i was thinking of getting red dead redemption or battlefield bad company 2 but still have yet to decide. so if you have any suggestions good games that came out within the past couple months please post them up. just for reference use i already own socom (of course), infamous, GOW 3 and both assassins creeds, if that helps you out. thanks for anyone that posts up suggestions ahead of time.