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  1. Shadows...please refrain from posting anything in this thread, this should be dealt with by the UF Directors.
  2. JLove

    What a run...

    UPDATE.... So I fixed the YLOD and it worked! My I was relieved when it booted up....but man I was pissed when it said I needed to format my HDD!!! I was like..NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!! lol Must have fucked it up when I tried recovering on my cpu, I was tired as shit when I did it and was not paying attention to what I was doing. Guess I quick formatted. Now I got 2 PS3's..
  3. JLove

    What a run...

    Yeah that is what I am probaly going to do this weekend, need a heat gun now. Man this is getting expensive! Damn $600 ps3!
  4. JLove

    What a run...

    Ok, got the new slim last night...its not that bad looking. But now I am kicking myself in the rear for not backing up my data!!! I have been saying for 2 months that I need to do it because I had a funny feeling about this happening....but evidently you can not get to the data unless you have backed it up. Bought an external hdd enclosure hoping I could just plug it in the usb and it detect it but that is not the case. The only way it seems that I will get the data is to fix the old ps3 and transfer the files to the new ps3 via ethernet cables. Unless any one else knows how to access the
  5. JLove

    What a run...

    Every where I have read says that the fix does not last that it looks like I will be buying the new ugly slim! I get $150 off since I got these gift cards though, so that will be nice.
  6. JLove

    What a run...

    So if I did send it to Sony, they fix it and send me back the same PS3?
  7. Well, I finally got what I have been dreading.........the YLOD! After 3 years of of pushing my PS3 to the limit, it crapped out on me last night. Had this baby since the launch day and got some good use out of it, but luckily I got some gift cards to Best Buy for Christmas!. Does anyone know if the fixes for the YLOD actually work and if they last?
  8. Yes sir, Houston is the place to be! Been snowing for a few hours straight. Crazy because it usually still pretty warm at this time of the year here.
  9. Shadow...are you serious! You might want to save that image to computer just in case Lucky deletes it.
  10. Rare is snow in Houston, which is where I live and the forcast is calling for SNOW on Friday that is rare! We got snow last year and the only reason it stuck was because it was at night and by 10 the next morning it was all melted. This Friday will be like the fourth time in my life it has snowed down here.
  11. Yep...bunch of BS!
  12. I saw it...would not say it is scary but it is creepy
  13. JLove

    Uncharted 2?

    I will be buying this for sure...maybe not Tuesday but soon after that.