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  1. a few of the guys in odc have been getting into the psp mods if you need help go there and ask for toq or phadox.
  2. you don't need a charger you can use use a usb data/power cable. i recommend this one..... ;D ask one of your RVN or odc buddies for their discount code.
  3. if its 2001 (slim) its a real good deal if its a 1001 (fat) it depends on how bad you want it and what you plan to use it for most.
  4. you push a button and then all the little keys become like the track pad on the bigger logitech keyboard. pretty neat feature.
  5. 47 ??? thats a good price.... what would Commander Fury rather have?
  6. send me a friend invite: forest42 everything is the same forest42
  7. <<------ do you mean forest ?? or santa ?
  8. hey would you rather have this one? or this one i think they are both very nice.... ;D
  9. thanks for the answer. we/i call that masking same thing different name. this is a little off topic but i am looking for someone to do an original drawing do you know anyone that could do that? preferable in illustrator or some other vector software
  10. im not sure i understand what a render is. did you draw these yourself or did you do something to a pre existing image? if the later cold you post a before and after?
  11. one of our guys fell asleep and he was the last one alive in a demo on the other team. my team could hear him snoring on the new proximity mics
  12. Dic_Tater ;D thats a funny name odc came up with a few months ago. my clan is an amazing thing that someone should do a psychological study on. i am the closet thing we have to a dic tater but i don't do anything with out talking with the other 8 members of our CC (clan counsel or central command)
  13. here is my real car and my car from burnout paradise... before the guys in my clan pushed me through a paint booth. im still working on the real one but with no time & no $
  14. this is were i werk and some of what we do
  15. they have a pretty neat ad on the podcast page too. ;D
  16. what about the sponsor ? anyone checkout their site? its pretty neat hu?
  17. I here good things about that Bunker place.... the logo looks familiar too .... just can't place it. ...oh i know ;D thanks UF
  18. this is just what i know take it for what it is worth. all games, books, DVDs, CDs are released on tuesday at 12am. some publishers ship days before the release date. some publishers use up every second they have and send it out on the release date before the carrier picks up at the end of the day. I used to work at a radio station that did a promotion every monday night form 11pm till 1am. at midnight the store wold let you pick up your pre-ordered CDs and DVDs. like tow said some stuff they plan for days ahead of time. my sister-in-law runs a barns and noble. we went home for the last
  19. Chilli .... You show me 100 VB ones and I'll show you 500 SMF ones that are free Show me 10 VB mods and I'll show you 100 SMF that are free be careful with all of those skins and themes most of them are full of errors. you can usually check them with a link at the bottom of the page. sometimes these errors are very minor, sometimes they will creep up on you after you have already moved into you forum and gotten all comfortable.