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  1. Thanks for posting Shane. We are all deeply saddened by this. Rage was not only the founder of SHO, but a father to many many people through the online community. He helped raise many young boys into young men through the video gaming world, and has changed many of our lives and careers with his guidance. The man's heart is like no other, he wanted nothing more than to help everyone he could, with no concern for how it would benefit himself. SHO lived for 15 years under his guidance, and we will still keep pushing strong. It was always in Rage's plans to have his son Logan take over the clan, so I will transition into guiding him through leadership and hopefully I can help raise him into the man that Rage helped raise so many of us to be. You will be missed old man.
  2. I dunno its a little overdone, but as stated in the interviews its done to get in the other teams head I guess...I can see some good ol fashion trash talk, just like Kobe does as he drains shots on people, but these kids take it to a whole different level. Said my Droid DNA.
  3. i thought i was gonna get to see you in the tournament? sad day...
  4. For m14 I might b able to get a good 10 people or so, we will see. Said my Droid DNA.
  5. Haha, ok one best friend was kicked, so one member made a statement and left, bc both shared same IP it was fishy... Should I have put that? Haha. Said my Droid DNA.
  6. Sexxxy. I can't pull of hats, but the white one looks clean. Said my Droid DNA.
  7. And actually its week 17 of season 3, so u would hop in for off-season, draft, resigning, and such. The rosters aren't original rosters though bc trades and drafts through seasons, teams had previous owners that were kicked from league. Said my Droid DNA.
  8. My madden league currently is in season 3, and has two open teams, Vikings and bills. If anyone wants to join a league Said my Droid DNA.
  9. 10min q way too long. 7 min is solid. Im in a madden online franchise, been running for 8 years. 7min q is solid. Said my Droid DNA.
  10. Good stuff fellas, congrats. Said my Droid DNA.
  11. Dang another old school group down. Sad to see you guys closing shop for the hopeful temporary future. I was hoping more people would latch on to BF3 from SOCOM but it never caught on. Hopefully it isn't too long we have to wait for another. Take care guys, it was always fun gaming against you. Said my Droid DNA.
  12. We switched to xenforo almost a year ago to avoid stuff like this. Said my Droid DNA.
  13. I play in a madden online franchise league. Its full though, 32 owners. Said my Droid DNA.