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  1. The bad : Stores in my region did not receive enough copies , I was told atleast 1 week wait until they get some more... but then again i'm still waiting on them to receive their 2nd shipment of BF3 as well...
  2. From what we are seeing from everything SONY related lately, it probably IS too good to be true... The odds are it has a longevity of about 1 month ..
  3. No matter what, after the months, see years I spent on twisted metal on the original Playstation, I can't wait for this to come out !!!!!
  4. Damn... I can say goodbye to my Bandwith limit this month ... gonna cost me a shit load of internet lol
  5. Dont want to give you more work, but you link is dead... takes me to page not found screen
  6. NETFLIX Has quite simply become useless since they DRASTICALLY lowered the Image and Sound quality for most of Canada... All that because of the retarded price ISP's charge their customers for bandwidth
  7. Was a blast, as always
  8. A few more shots I got lately... Me, Darth, and DJ ( shane ) Got a little Bored at one point, and decided to try and pull a figure 8 pic. ( Was an absolute Failure ! ) And just some randoms
  9. Suspention, stiff and low, and be very agressive on the E-Brake hehe
  10. Once you can adapt to other peoples lines , speed and style , it just flows ... but them guys have been ttgether since GT5P, so they know each other good...
  11. It's simple, get a FR ( RWD ) car, put some Comfort Soft tires on, turn off all the aids ( Traction Control, ASM, Etc, etc... ) then get on a track, but be prepared... it is not Need For Speed Style drifting. Just to give you an idea of how fun it is, here is a video of the guys that were with me in those pics.