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  1. I live like 3 minutes away from that place now, Might stop on by and see whats up.
  2. any chance UF is gonna do something with this game?
  3. does anyone play the NHL 10 team play? we got like 6 guys regularly on
  4. thanks everyone, lol siwik you wana write up my college essay's? nice job man
  5. ill be on in 1 hr, the patch is dl now
  6. hahahah this was going around our clan last week, im getting my ipod touch soon and I AM GETTING THIS APP!!!!! soooooo frickin funny
  7. sorry MW2 and MAG are just another FPS, i can go to game stop and pick any damn FPS, all the same, played them all,
  8. okay here is what i feel..... socom 1.5 will not make socom god, but better...HELL YA, with 1.6 pretty much done all its waiting for is the 1.5 bugs to be reviled, then its Q & A for 1.6 witch will be WAY short than 1.5's simply because the Ladder system is what 1.5 was strugglin on, so im thinkin 2-3 weeks till 1.6, however we have the DLC, which has been worked on all summer, now the squad that worked on 1.5 can finalize the DLC and i expect to see the DLC possibly b4 1.6. SO.... i say within a month 1.5,1.6, and the DLC will turn socom into an elite game... P.S. i have so much love for this game so pardon me if i sound optmistic
  9. we got a roster, im dragin their arse's over here
  10. ill translate....human life as we know it is coming to an end
  11. Original-JC


    hey our clan does gow2 and cod 4, ill bring them over here
  12. Original-JC

    NHL 10??

    im gettin it the day it comes out sept 15th, who else is gettin it and what do you guys play tp or vs?
  13. lol it goes KO then opK too, we all family lol
  14. congrats new owners, glad to see you guys, hmmm so what clan where u guys in b4 ur current one????? lol