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  1. FYI I am a free thinking individual who cares greatly about my country and take politics VERY seriously. Although some of my information about certain concepts and different perspectives come from pundits, opinion journalists, and subject matter experts the data i collect and personally dissect comes from the source IE., the small business administration, or I spent 3 days going over EVERY vote (binding or non binding), amendment proposal, and floor speech given by Sen Obama since being elected and have several pages of handwritten notes from it. I have spent 2 days going over the most recent COMPLETE data from the IRS which was 2006 as well as countless pages of info from the Small Business Administration, and that was just to find the truths behind each tax policy. I can form my own opinion without talking points from talking heads. I am insulted at the notion that because myself and others don't agree with Obama and believe he is a BAD choice for our country that we are somehow angry and ignorant. Well I am mad now, stating a FACT that someone had copied and pasted is not what I would consider mudslinging. Someone asked a question to which I answered since no else had. And for everyone here candidate websites are not always based in fact, this goes for John McCain and Obama and pretty much every other politician. The purpose of a candidates website is to inform voters of what they want you to hear so that you will vote for them. These sites are riddled with half-truths, partial truths, out of context quotes, pretty much anything that makes them look better than their opponent and adheres to the philosophy of their respective parties. To suggest that these sites and what these candidates say on them are "real proof" or the "really story" is in itself ignorant. Just because he says it does not make it so!
  2. Thanks for bittin’ ;D though I do wish you could have been a tad more creative than copying talking points but hey I’ll work with what I got. I have educated myself enough to know what the details of hisâ€plans†are and can provide you with an educated dissenting or even perhaps agreeable opinion. I am though going to break it down as to not lose anyone along the way with an astronomically longer post than what is already there. Not that I am a fan of giant conglomerates that we all pretty much bow down to in order to function in this society but I am not a huge fan of the theory of taking from companies that the one says makes too much and give to the rest. This practice simply increases their costs and well how do most companies recoup lost revenue...that’s right folks they raise prices for the consumer. However, this is a mute point due to the fact that the cost per barrel of oil has dropped nearly 50% from July this year when it reached over $140/barrel. His plan would target profit from the biggest oil companies by taxing each barrel of oil costing more than $80, which unless you live under a rock, you should know that oil is now trading around the $77/barrel mark and steadily dropping (YAY!! About frickin time!). The messiah himself mentioned during the final debate that because of the prices dropping so drastically his windfall tax would not be feasible, which is a good thing because although an estimated $15 billion would be raised from the windfall tax his $1,000/year tax rebate would cost almost $150billion leaving him oh a mere $135 billion short and no explanation of where he would get that money from. Just curious, isn’t there a $125 billion stimulus package being proposed by congress RIGHT NOW that is slated to do the EXACT same thing? I hope you all realize that we have a Dept of Education and Dept of Transportation and every year these depts. are allocated money from the congress from what some like to call the "Federal Budget". States, all 50 of them (not the 57 some like to think we have), have their own state budgets except for they usually have to adhere to theirs, they cant just print more money or ask China for a payday loan. States and local governments don’t start on that $3 billion new municipal building project, or perhaps they trade in the 6 Chevy suburbans with supercharged camero engines they bought last year for more cost effective, fuel efficient, and practical police cruisers to make up for some of the budget shortfalls, I use this as an example because this is the exact scenario my local government is in. You don’t pay off a credit card with a credit card and you don’t spend more money than you have. I have to do that in my daily life why cannot I expect the same from my government? But personal opinion aside, this stimulus is already in the works. So what we have thus far is a non viable windfall tax whose bubble has burst before it even had a chance to inflate and a stimulus package that is already on the table. You will find if you stop and actually investigate and read the fine print instead of just eating the cookies and drinking the cool-aid that most of his proposals have no sustainable foundation in reality or have more severe unintended consequences than actual forward movement.
  3. wow, if i may ask, how did you pot all of that? Same way you post, with a computer and keyboard. its called copy and paste everything there is word for word from the obama website
  4. We need to stop and ask the voters of this country what it is they REALLY want. Do they want “change†no matter what? Change from what? From paralysis in Washington? Self-interest before Country? Okay. I can buy that. Totally understandable. Washington’s a mess. But….. Something everyone needs to stop and think about, pull back and look at very long and hard. If you want to cure a disease, shouldn’t you attack the cause? If you treat something that isn’t causing what you’re trying to cure, and if you take the wrong medicine, without reading the warning label, you’re more likely to make things worse, not better. Don’t you think? We’re essentially, as a nation (depending on who’s doing the math and whether or not you include Social Security), bankrupt. We owe far more than we can reasonably pay back before our grandchildren have grandchildren, even if we started today. We’re UNDER WATER as a nation, financially. So, the solution is to throw gasoline on the fire? We look to Barack Obama, of all the most unlikely people, to save our economy? Based on what? His background? Experience? Demonstrated expertise in economics? His plan? What is his plan? Have you read the label? All of it? You don’t stop a patient from bleeding by slicing off another arm or opening an artery! You don’t cure a deficit by printing (borrowing — somebody has to buy the bonds) more money. You don’t INCREASE the value of your currency by printing more mountains of it. Ask Brazil. Ask the Roman Empire. Barack Obama’s version of “voodoo economics†— pouring money into social programs and expanding a non-earning welfare state (having the government spend itself out of bankruptcy(?)) while taxing small business, medium business, large business and every possible investment dollar you can get your hands on, to squeeze capital out of the economy and mail it out to people who are basically sitting on the porch waiting for the mail? This is economics? It’s actually insanity. Running into the wall twice as fast this time, thinking it will hurt less? I’m not even sure there is an economic definition that fits this excuse for a plan. I’d assume it’s at least supposed to be socialist, which is Barack Obama’s background and the root of all his past endeavors (endeavors, not accomplishments, of which he has, literally, none). But, that’s not the biggest problem. I don’t think we’re all longing for a socialist nation. But, even if we were, even brilliant socialists have to have some wealth to re-distribute. How do you squeeze the life out of your economy and, at the same time, find another TRILLION dollars (or so) of spending to toss onto the creaking cart of the American economy? That is a feat no economist has ever imagined, even while stoned in the 60’s, much less endorsed. Is nobody aware that 100 leading economists, including Nobel winners, have signed a statement that Barack Obama’s economic fairy tale is essentially nuts? Do supporters of “Our Man at Any Cost to Our Nation†really want us to turn into a South American mess with 50% inflation rates? Do they really want their savings, already cut in half, to evaporate altogether? I’ve talked to people who believe we’re still on the gold standard. And when I explain that we aren’t on any standard, that our currency is tied to nothing at all, they nod as if they understand that and say it’s probably okay, we can’t just print money. After all, there’s the Federal Reserve and all those people. I’m not kidding. And some of these people are planning to (or were before I talked to them) vote for Obama because they had “heard†somewhere (on CNN most likely) that he was “supposed†to be better for the economy. As Hillary once said, “Get serious.†Even Alice would not believe this version of Wonderland. Do people have the foggiest notion of what they’re buying into? I have a message for these folks. This is a capitalist country. Without capitalism, we don’t exist. And, without capital, there is no capitalism. Is that simple enough? Printing money and handing it out does not create capital. It does not employ people. It does not create “opportunity†to earn, as opposed to “opportunity†to get a check in the mail. Nothing will drive investment and growth other than the pursuit of opportunity. You can’t “buy†a productive economy with government play money, which is what our currency is fast becoming. But, that is what this “good for the economy†voodoo candidate — this “stealth†candidate who won’t even tell you what COURSES he studied in college, what his senior thesis was about, where he lived, or the name of a single college friend — is all about. If you listen. In the rare moments when he stands still long enough to take a stand that lasts longer than 24 hours, that’s what he’s saying. But, to hear him, you have to actually listen. I know there are people being interviewed on the street who think Governor Sarah Palin is Obama’s VP candidate and believe he’s Pro-Life and wants to stay in Iraq. But all of his supporters can’t possibly be that ignorant of the issues and what he stands for. Even though he changes positions daily, he’s consistently calling for handouts to non-taxpayers, and tax credits for everything under the sun, while doubling taxes on actual investment and small businesses and any rich people who haven’t moved to Switzerland already. There is a fundamental misunderstanding driving all of this. It’s a colossal mistake. And I can’t believe it’s intentional, as much as I’d like to paint all the “that ones†as evil. They’re not. I don’t believe that. I used to be over there on that side of the aisle. But, they are caught up in some kind of rapture that is clouding their thinking. Here’s the mistake, conceptually. Let’s call it the “Pendulum Theory†for sake of illustration. Put a pendulum on any upright, stationary object. A stick in the ground, if that’s simple enough. Attach a pendulum to the top of it. Swing it back and forth. Trust me, stability does NOT lie at the opposite extremes of the pendulum. It lies in the middle. To take out your frustration at one end of the pendulum by swinging it as far as you can in the other direction is not the way to do anything other than topple the stick. That stick is the United States. People are angry. Rightfully so. About the economy. Okay. Should be about a lot of things — this Congress hasn’t seen the sunshine in a long time (meaning their head has been somewhere very dark), with regard to a lot of issues, not solely the economy. The “leadership†of the majority party has spent most of its time with its tongue out, playing nah nah nah nah boo boo with the President and making the Keystone Cops look like a well-oiled law enforcement machine. They (along with some ideologues here) should all take jobs during hunting season as bird dogs because all they’ve really become good at is “pointing.†But to turn into an angry mob and invite the extreme left wing of the (formerly) Democrat Party to come in and throw a toga party with the treasury, to take from the rich (actually not just the rich, but that’s what they tell you) and hand it to the less rich, to swing the pendulum past the other extreme, to shatter the meaning of extreme, is hardly the answer. Where has the nation prospered? In the middle. Bill Clinton came out of the Democratic Leadership Council, specifically dedicated to moving the Democrat Party back toward the center of the country. Like him or don’t, we were paying our bills. John McCain has been hampered, within his own party, because he’s considered too far to the center for the conservative wing of the GOP. Governor Palin has helped smooth out that intra-party dynamic and, together, they make a balanced team. But, John McCain is not a right-wing ideologue. And he’s proved it over and over for over 25 years. Do we really want to let our anger and our spite and our vitriol lead us to swing the political pendulum so hard that it snaps off and we all have to learn Chinese (who do you think owns our paper)? If Barack Obama and his band of cronies actually ran under the banner of the Social Democrat Party, or the New Socialist Party, or the Social Progressives Party, or the Independent Workers Party or, to be more precise, the ASP (the “American Socialist Partyâ€), would the masses still be whipping themselves into a frenzy and writing children’s marching songs to his glory? Because that’s what this movement is, if you look behind the curtain, without the title. The Democrat Party is not the party of the DLC any longer, if it ever was. It was handed over to Howard “Screaming†Dean, I suppose because people thought he knew about the Internet and would bring the money tree with him. What they forgot was, he was also bringing himself with him. Again, know what you’re buying. The Democrat Party is no longer a party of Democrats. It has become the party of thugs. Left wing storm troopers. And, with the aid of the compliant media wanna-be intelligentsia (in the process making a lie of the term itself), it has become the party of radical extremism fueled by self-aggrandizing delusion. It is the party of kids who jump up and down at a rally and can’t tell you what Roe v. Wade is though their leaders throw it in the face of any female who might consider voting for the other side; the party of Donna Brazile, who doesn’t think gays or lesbian discrimination is really serious, reserving discrimination for only blacks, so Whoopie Goldberg won’t be in fear of being made a slave by John McCain; the party that thinks it’s just fine to call the opposing Vice Presidential nominee, the most popular Governor in America, a C*** with a giggle and a snicker; the party of ranting Black Liberation or Black Nationalist theology, depending on who’s talking about it (Obama in his post Million Man March remarks used Black Nationalism but we’re not allowed to mention anything he’s ever said because he’s not required to mean what he says or say what he means); the party of “in your face†street politics, intimidating voters, overrunning caucuses to get the most votes, no matter who the public might actually favor; the party to discard the National Anthem, to find a new flag that other people in unfriendly nations will find less offensive to them; the party that will stop being so darn difficult and sit down for a fireside chat with extremists (who are gathering forces and developing nuclear weapons to wipe their enemies from the face of the earth) so they can tell us what we can do to make them happy and make them like us again (hint: they never liked us); the party that thinks reaching across the aisle means keeping a knife in the other hand, in case of an opening (remember the Clinton primary, Obama’s comment about Chicago politics and Hillary Clinton — “If they bring knives, we’ll bring guns?â€). This is not what’s in the big, pretty ad with the smiling people and the uplifting music. This is what’s in the not-so-fine print. This is what you’re buying. And, when the election’s over and you get the pretty package home and open it up, don’t be surprised if it contains a Chinese dictionary and an envelope telling you where to send your “patriotic contribution†to the “freedom payments†going to your fellow citizens, along with a sign up card for your child’s Summer at Patriot Camp.
  5. Welcome to Joe the Plumber Derangement Syndrome. If you can't beat 'em, smear 'em. It's the Obama way.
  6. Lets review what he said...and I quote: Perhaps Im missing something but that is what he said. Lets just say for the sake of arrgument that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama misspoke simalarly to when he claimed to have visited about "57 states" and he really ment 95% of those who pay taxes that would recieve a tax cut, reality would blow that away as well, because only 81.3% of those would be elligable, which is about 47.97% of Americans. But then lets add in the tax hikes to this mess. Regarding the claim that anyone who makes less than $250,000 won't see a tax hike under Obama, that is not entirely true. Tax Policy Center estimates actually show that some tax units earning under $250,000 would see a tax increase, due to the fact that Sen. Obama does raise corporate income taxes, and all taxes are paid by people. In addition, small businesses that would face a tax hike under Obama's plan to raise the top two marginal tax rates actually make up around half of small business income or about 500,000 small bussinesses. And I do remember the tax days of Clinton and NO I do not remember them fondly! I was a Manager of a small pizza joint in Phx, AZ our business went under because we could not pay payroll taxes. No matter what we did we were always behind at least 10 grand. There were even months that would go by that myself and a fellow manager would go with out pay because the tax man came a knocking. Nobody should have to go through that again!
  7. I checked for myself, even hit your link there but it didn't say that 95% of Americans get tax cuts, probably because it wouldn't be factual. It is a matter of fact that only 59% of Americans actually PAY federal income taxes. So unless Mr Obama plans to increase taxes for 36% of Americans who do not pay taxes in order to then cut them, what he claims is simply spurious and deceptive. Of course non of these proposals really even matter unless the guy who wins actually submits them to our congress for approval. Which brings me to another point. When Obama was running for Ill. State Legislature he promised tax cuts during his campaign too but when he got into office he didn't even write up a proposal for ANY tax cuts, another duplicity in Obamas past. As for McCain, I think that if our current Congressional status remains (meaning the dems in control or having the most votes) I dint know how easy of a time he would have getting his proposals through without MAJOR alterations. In all reality with the current $850 billion and counting bailout/rescue (look at it with whatever colored glasses you want) we aren't gonna see any sort of tax cuts for a long while, unless one of them plans a sweeping overhaul of the entire federal government top to bottom we simply cannot afford it........but when has that EVER stopped DC!?
  8. you can in AZ and apparently now in fairfax, va. I love open carry!
  9. omg man I feel your pain, I played the damn game twice and havent picked it upi since. I have, like you, a laundry list of reasons why I dont like it. Fortunatly for me, my clan is a poor clan and only a handful of us have ps3's so we didnt get stuck playing in a tournament for a game I personally think sucks balls! only 80 some-odd days til socom....
  10. youre kidding right? wow!
  11. We had tornadoes here mother fucking scary ass shit. I have someones roof shingles in my yard and have no clue who they belong to. my neighborhood dodged a bullet but just to the east and just to the west wasnt so lucky. this is from the town just to the west Chapman, Ks: This is from the city to the east of here Manhattan, Kansas:
  12. keep the drama comming chi town...and wait summers here arent the vikings due for a "love boat pt 2" as well...see yall this fall! ;D
  13. will forte isnt that the guy on snl? GO PACK GO!!
  14. I might be cock-blocking here but careful guys, yall keep pushing the envelope Tow might just pullout the whip