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  1. I will be on this afternoon trying it out.
  2. Hey Rock , I have not picked up MW3 as of yet still socomin it lol . When I was looking to join a clan I found you guys then the next day your site was down , I ran into some Ravenfall guys and it was a good fit for me.

  3. I will Skype you later on tonight

  4. Thank you Shane, i think I may have found a home if all goes well
  5. Wow I have to say I have not been picked up or even found anyone to play with up to this point , I remember when Socom was the staple for this site. I have to say it sux just running around not knowing the maps playing with the want to be new Gen players who is they see you are new just vote you out.... Somebody please help lol Twiztid
  6. i signed up on your forums feel free to add me when you guys are on , would love to game with tactical ppl again.
  7. Feel free to add me i hate running around Solo nobody works together it's sad.
  8. Wow very nice, I have to say the best time I had playing Socom was with you guys back in the day. Are you guys on the new one or sticking to the old?
  9. New old guy bk on Socom and are you the same Rock from ODC?
  10. I am seeing most of the clan thread's dead i guess i will just settle for normal ppl to play Socom with. I am not pro shaking the dust off since combined aussult , so any tips would be great. ps3 gamer tag Twizztid Thanks
  11. TY ya I have been playing since the post find I find just mute the mic nobody really plays together. Twizztid ps3 gamer tag
  12. Hello All, It has been awhile since I have been here , used to be a part of the Socom gaming side, and am getting bk into it. I just picked the game up and am going to see what I can do. Any advice would be great. Twizztid
  13. I have got to say that is a very sad thing to do, will just let the rest of the socom community know what he really is as for the ip address Thank You Very Much been a long time since i got to play with one for fun ;D
  14. I will go with fake and say its a photoshop thing but ya kno stranger things have happend lmao
  15. That is so sad , may I add also in suck poor sportsmanship ,i wont say anything else as per getting banned from the forums or give my clan a bad name like this guy has done
  16. yes on behalf of myself i would like to thank you from freeing me from that camp , couldnt even make decent hooch wth lmao ...anyways thanks guys
  17. Bobby hurley kings before the car accident :-\
  18. good luck everyone look forward to it