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Urgent Fury Unleashed » Unit 13 Review on the PS Vita

Unit 13 Review on the PS Vita


Anyone who has read my article on the PS Vita will know that I was very complimentry about the new handheld. But the hardware has to have good software to show it off and the first of these new games is the third person shooter, Unit 13.

Developed by Zipper Interactive, Unit 13 is about a group of hard military types who by the use of stealt, speed and if needed, force, complete their objectives to gather information or take out key targets. This may sound like many other military games, but there are things to be enjoyed that set it apart from the others.

One of the main things is that this is on the PS Vita so it’s portable and also has the social aspect tied in. This is also a portable game that you can really get into and enjoy, the graphics are excellent and the gameplay is smooth and crisp.

Unit 13 is not the type of game that you can simply barge in and shoot everything in sight, this game needs, no expects forward planning. There is a radar map on the left that shows the area as well as any people moving within them. The people are also colour coded depending on their alert level. This is normally white/grey but once you take one of them out with a silent shot to the head, they tend to get quite angry.

As long as you keep your head down, it doesn’t take them long to calm down, of course you are really looking to get in and out as quickly as possible without being seen. You are helped along the way by the communications officer who updates you on the situation and your next objectives. There is also the direction arrow at the top of the screen that tells you the direction you need to be going in. This is not always the direction you are currently taking as obsticles and guards may be in your way.

In terms of the gameplay, Zipper Interactive have worked hard on making Unit 13 as involved and at the same time very playable. They have involved all that the PS Vita has to offer in terms of interactivity and that makes things much more fun. The controls for the touch screen seem a little difficult at times but this doesn’t detract from the overall gameplay too much.


Overall, this is a very absorbing game that tries hard to grab and keep your attention. Though this may be one of many of it’s kind out there, it’s certainly worth a look if you have a PS Vita.

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