25th Anniversary of Metal Gear Brings Trophy Support to MGS4

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Remember back in June of 2008, when the heavens opened and bestowed upon us the wonder that was Metal Gear Solid 4?  It was to be the “Game of the Forever” for MGS fans.  It was the killer app, the system seller, the reason you had to own a PS3.  And to be fair, it was just about the only thing the PS3 had going for it at the time.  I had several friends who purchased a PS3 just for MGS4, but as a PS3 owner from just after launch, I was just happy to have something good to play.  And honestly it was pretty great.

Shortly after the game launched, Sony started the roll out of their Trophy system.  Gamers everywhere began asking the logical question “When is Konami going to patch in trophy support?”  To which Konami replied simply, “We’re not.”  I, along with many others, figured that was simply PR speak for, “We’re not announcing anything yet. (wink, wink)”  Nope.  Turns out they were serious.  Well now here we are four years later, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series and once again the heavens have opened.  Sony announced today that the patch that so many have been waiting for is finally coming.  20 Trophies (8 Bronze, 8 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum) will breath new life into MGS4.

My first thought upon hearing the announcement was that it’s “too little, too late” but the more I thought about it, I really believe it’s a good move.  It gives those of us who finished the game and then shelved it a reason to blow off the dust for another run through and will most likely give trophy whores (like one of my Gametwerp co-hosts) a reason to finally play the game for the first time.

If you want to see the trophies you’ll be hunting, here’s the full list:


Bronze You enjoy all the killing, that’s why. Killed many enemies in one area, and vomited.
Bronze Divine Wind Caused a “divine wind” using the Tanegashima.
Bronze Hands Up! Held an enemy soldier at gunpoint and performed a body check.
Bronze Emotion Control Controlled an enemy soldier’s emotions using an Emotive Magazine.
Bronze Hurt me more! Shocked an enemy soldier using Mk. II/III.
Bronze Drum Can Addict Knocked an enemy soldier flying using a Drum Can.
Bronze That Tune Is His Mind Control Music Played Oishii Two-han Seikatsu and made one of the BB Corps dance.
Bronze Overhead view — just like old times… Used overhead view on Shadow Moses Island.
Silver SUNLIGHT! Obtained the Solar Gun.
Silver I Just Don’t Fear Death Caused ALERT status while wearing the Corpse Camo.
Silver Where I Can See Ya Located enemy soldiers using the Scanning Plug.
Silver Ghost Photography Addict Snapped at least 5 shots of ghosts on Shadow Moses Island.
Silver FaceCamo Addict Obtained 10 or more types of FaceCamo (excluding types obtained via password).
Silver Can you feel my power now!!!? Took control of an enemy soldier’s body using the Mantis Doll or Sorrow Doll.
Silver Are you an Otaku too? Viewed all model posters.
Silver You’re pretty good. Got kissed by Ocelot during the final battle.
Gold Flashback Mania Viewed all flashbacks.
Gold Sounds of the Battlefield Obtained all iPod® tracks (excluding tracks obtained via password).
Gold I am THE expert on weapons, equipment and cutting-edge technology. Obtained all weapons (excluding weapons obtained via password).
Platinum The Legendary Hero Obtained all trophies.


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Hitman: Absolution – A Test of Faith

I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to Agent 47.  I had just received my copy of The Official PlayStation Magazine with its monthly disc packed with previews and game demos.  There on the disc was a demo for a game titled Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.  I saw the stylishly dressed bald guy dual-wielding a pair of hand cannons and I was immediately intrigued.  The prospect of sneaking in to a highly guarded mansion, taking down a mob boss while rescuing a priest had me giddy with excitement.

Then I tried to play the demo.

Emphasis on “tried.”  It was a total mess.  The controls were not only WAY more complex than anything I was use to playing, the AI was absolutely brutal.  I knew right away that I was in way over my head and that there was absolutely no way I was getting over the learning curve.  I ejected the disc and went on to other things.

Or at least I attempted to.

The fact was that even though I was terrible at the demo, I found the concept fascinating.  This was the character I had been waiting to play for a long time.  So I went back, and I was still terrible.  But I went back again and this time, even though I was still terrible, I actually made it into the kitchen disguised as a delivery guy.  Then, I promptly took 2 steps in the wrong direction and all hell broke loose.  This scenario played out dozens of times and each time I got just the tiniest bit better. Long before the first time I made it through the level with the coveted Silent Assassin ranking I was hooked, and I knew that this was a series I would follow for as long as it was around.

Fast forward 10 years to the first release of info on the fifth game in the series.  I couldn’t be more excited.  Finally! A Hitman game on “next-gen” consoles.

Then I watched the trailer.

This is NOT Hitman! It’s way too action heavy!  Instinct mode?  Are you joking?  This looks like Splinter Cell: Conviction (which I enjoyed, but it wasn’t Hitman).  I/O Interactive, you broke my heart.  I suffered waiting through not one, but TWO, garbage Kane & Lynch games.  And for what?  For you to rip the very soul out of  the franchise that I love?  For you to bastardise a series so you can  dumb it down for the masses of mouth-breathing Call of Duty “bro” gamers?  To hell with this, I quit.

Or at least I attempted to.

I’d obviously been betrayed along with all the rest of the die-hard fans, but I just couldn’t believe it.  I searched every article I could find in hopes that I was wrong, but everything I read just sounded like the devs doing a song and dance to distract us from the atrocities they had committed against their fans.  I had all but given up hope and written the game off.  Then a friend told me about a sniper challenge mini-game that you could download if you pre-ordered the game. I figured “Why not?” I’d pre-order the game to get the code and then go back and then move the money to Borderlands 2.

Then I played it.

I figured that I’d try it once and then maybe watch some tv.  Two and a half hours later, I had to force myself to go to bed.   The Agent 47 that I hadn’t seen since 2006 was back and better than ever.  The defining moment came when I shot an elevator control box to open the doors and then made a member of the main target’s security force disappear down the elevator shaft. After dozens of replays I finally achieved Silent Assassin rank, but with the addition of a friends leaderboard, Silent Assassin is just the beginning.

I know that the latest trailer has sparked plenty of uproar, and people are jumping to all kinds of conclusions and continuing to rage about “the absence of stealth” and “too much action” but now I just shake my head and smile.  I’m confident that when the game launches it will be the naysayers, and not the devs, who will be seeking “Absolution.”

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“KickBeat” Announced for Playstation Vita


Isn’t it great when someone offers you something amazing that you never even realized you wanted?  Zen Studios has done just that for me with the announcement of KickBeat for the PS Vita.

KickBeat is, at it’s core, a rhythm game.  Now before you roll your eyes and jump to another article, bear with me for a minute.  I’m just as burnt out on rhythm games  as the next person, but KickBeat offers a new twist that completely changes the game.  You see, wrapped around that rhythm game core is a fighting game that tasks you with defeating waves of enemies with kung fu. That’s right kung fu.  So rather than matching colors or tapping circles, you’re kicking butt.

The game’s lineup of licensed tracks come from a diverse lineup of artists from well-known bands such as Pendulum and Marilyn Manson, to indie pioneers Celldweller and Blue Stahli, to hidden talents like electronic music producer Voicians and Taiwanese rapper Shen Yi. The absolute icing on the cake for me though is that KickBeat will feature a music analyzer that allows you to create new tracks from your own music library.  That’s right, you can use your own music to beat enemies with kung fu.

Zen Studios will allow you to try and snatch the pebble from their hand later this year only on the Vita. Until then check out the trailer:

Source: PSNation.org



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