Starhawk’s release of 1.3 gives us a first look at clan management. – UPDATED

As you can imagine here at Urgent Fury, our community members are always first to look at clan management when it comes to the next shooter title to grace their inventory.

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Well Starhawk is no different, many of us have asked for more info when it comes to the clan management, and Starhawk delivers. Not in talk or bullet points, but in hands on!!! With the release of version 1.3 of the beta, you are able to get your grubby little hands on some clan management action.

We have put a little video together so you can watch the set up and invite process involved with Starhawk:

A few of the new features to point out:

  • Clan Tags can contain five (5) characters
  • Give members Clan Titles
    • Top Pilot
    • Top Driver
    • Chief Builder
    • Offense
    • Defense
    • Most Deadly
  • Clan Banners

Now there is an Elite Clan Code box in the clan banner section, and we are looking to get more details about this function.

Over all the clan management is sleek and very easy to use, almost back to the basics that we all have been looking for. Invitations can be sent via the Social bar, in-game and by typing the name. Clans are able to post Clan news, check out the leader boards and even see the overall KDR of your clan.

Now this is just the first look and it may not represent the final version, but even at this stage it is better than most games that have come out over the last year.


We are giving you the scoop on the “Elite Clan Code Option” in a conversation today with Harvard Bonin, Jr. today he revealed what this is going to be used for:

“We are creating unique banners for long time, special clans. We will give them a number that allows the clan officer to access that special banner. No one else in the world will have that banner.”

The Starhawk team will be choosing the clans that receive this, is your Clan one of the Elite? Only time will tell.

It is little things like this that shows how much the Santa Monica Studios and Lightbox Interactive Teams actually do care about their community. This is another first that we have seen, and well we think it is BADA$$.

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Urgent Frequency Ep. 93 – Exclusive Interview with Starhawk Senior Producer Harvard Bonin

“Starhawk” Senior Producer Harvard Bonin Jr. explains exactly what he does, and gets his very own Spoof Ad.

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StarHawk has been awarded the Urgent Fury 2012 Multiplayer Tournament Title of the Year

Back in September, we previewed StarHawk for the first time on UFreqTV in PlayStation Home for our fans. Even before this, right away Jack (UFreqTV’s Host) pointed out at E3 that we need to keep an eye on this game. He talked about how the “Build & Battle” would bring a whole new element to our tournaments when the time comes.

Then came the Private Beta in November, and boy Jack was not kidding. Right out of the gate we were ecstatic when we saw that a user could create a Sever/Lobby with a custom title. We had not seen this in a game since Socom: Confrontation. Though many will say, so what, that is not any thing new or special.

Well they are correct  it isn’t anything new, the ability to create a custom lobby was all but a tail from the past until now. Clans putting up Recruiting Rooms, Practice Rooms and Tournament Communities having the Room labeled “UF Blue RVN vs 101” showing the world the clans were battling in a tournament.

And though the Private Beta is a very slim view of what is yet to come, it already has all that is needed for Urgent Fury to launch a full Tournament Offering. The tactical requirements that a team will have to use in this game will make for some nail-biting matches. Throw in the Urgent Fury TacMap element where clans are competing over territories for 13 to 24 weeks to become the champion and you have a recipe for “EPIC”!

We are pleased to present the 2012 Tournament Title of the Year to StarHawk, exclusively on PlayStation 3. Be sure to stay tuned as we begin to announce tournament details and how to sign up.

On top of all the great tactical play LightBox Interactive and SCEA Santa Monica Studios are actually involved with the community responding to bugs, suggestions, gripes and praises. Not only that as one fan pointed out, there were more updates in the Private Beta than in the entire Call of Duty Series. Now we cannot confirm if that is correct, but I will say we saw updates daily and even multiple updates in a day when there was an issue.

The public beta will being on January 17th, 2012 and you can find all the details on the PlayStation Blog. And rest assured you will see at least one server up and running almost daily.

Also keep your eye out for Episode 93 of Urgent Frequency as Commander Fury is joined by Sr. Producer Harvard Bonin as they sit down via SatCom and discuss StarHawk and what Harvard’s job really is in the grand scheme of things. This episode is due to release on January 15th.

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