Happy New Year, 2K X is upon us.

BradyGames 2010 Urgent Fury Prize SponsorWith an exciting 2009 closing with an epic ending, we look towards 2010 (2K X) to be another hot edition of Urgent Fury.

As announced we start 2010 out by welcoming BradyGames as our 2010 Prize sponsor for many of the events coming up. Each member of an Event Championship team will receive their choice of a strategy guide. This is an great honor to have BradyGames on board.

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UF User Reviews: Socom Confrontation Cold Front

With the DLC finally released, Urgent Fury is looking for your reviews… Give it your star rating and feel free to add a review at the bottom.

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Urgent Fury: 2010 Season Announced

Exclusive Console Gaming Community Announces 2010 Schedule for Scenario-Based Tournaments


December 2, 2010 Simpsonville, SC: Urgent Fury has released their 2010 season schedule. The coming year’s events will include two qualifying tournaments followed by a thirteen week invitational TacMap tournament. New to the 2010 line-up is Infinity Ward’s latest release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
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Urgent Fury to Introduce BOOT CAMP

Urgent Fury is proud to announce Boot Camp. 

Unlike Hell Week, this is your clan’s opportunity to experience the ins and outs of an actual Urgent Fury tournament.  Boot Camp is also a chance for Urgent Fury Staff and Admins to evaluate your clan’s ability to follow the basic procedures required of a clan to compete in any of Urgent Fury’s intense tournaments.
Each month, orders will be issued to up to 16 new clans each for: 

  1. XBOX 360 – Modern Warfare 2
  2. Playstation 3 – Modern Warfare 2
  3. Playstation 3 – Socom: Confrontation 

Matches will be: 

  1. Tuesday and Thursday or
  2. Monday and Wednesday

 All clans will be assigned to a Regiment.  Your clan’s regiment will be based on your clan’s assignment orders.

Clans will battle each other and veteran clans for three weeks.  Each week, Staff and Admins will conduct a review and communicate anything that needs to be addressed.  At the end of the three weeks, a final assessment will be made to determine if all basic requirements have been met and that your clan was able to “Win with Honor or Lose with Dignity.”

Get signed up now! 

If you are new to Urgent Fury, go to http://www.urgentfury.com/uf_forum/index.php#24  to pick your console and your game and enlist in the hottest Tournament Community on the WWW.

First Boot Camps are slated to begin December 2009.

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