Assasins Creed is coming to Vita

As rumoured at Gamescon 2011, Assasins Creed is coming to vita!

Assassin’s Creed for Vita is to be called ‘Assasins Creed III: Liberation’ and as said in Gamescon, there is a new character and story line, Assasins Creed III: Liberations, will feature a female assassin!

The game will be on sale the same day as Assassin’s Creed III and will take place between 1765 – 1780 in New Orleans, at the end of the French and Indian war. Also, it’s been said, Assasins Creed III: Liberation will have multiplayer features.

And to add even more incentive to buy a Ps Vita, they will have a Limited Edition bundle with the game, a 4gb Memory card, and the first ever WHITE PS Vita!

Heres a little teaser pic I found, looks promising. Roll on October 13th!

Assasins Creed III Liberation FULL Trailer

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Urgent Frequency Ep. 91 – The 2011 VGA Preview Episode

After a year of major game releases, the game industry & gamers from all over the world are set to pick the best of the best for the 2011 Video Game Awards.

Shane Bell (Urgent Fury CIO) & Doc (The Tester (Season 1) & Replay w/ Doc) join Commander Fury to preview a few of the categories & make their 2011 VGA picks.

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Ghost Recon: FS – Nigeria Walkthrough

I’m aware that a few members of the community are not favorites of the GR series. Yet with their careful planning and redesigning of their upcoming latest GF: FS edition, we cannot ignore how well they are incorporating the Newest and Latest Technology of Warfare…into their gaming.

For a long time now, we have been stuck with only a couple of trailer videos. But now they’ve given us a ‘walkthrough’ video of the game: GR: FS – Nigeria Walkthrough.

I’m sure that by the time the game actually comes out people will have changed their minds about the game, especially with how they’ve incorporated the XBox 360’s ‘Kenect’  to work with their game. Watch the video, and let us know what you think? And of course, all replies to this article are welcomed:


Name: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Release date: TBA
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft Paris

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Urgent Frequency Episode 68 – E3 The Debrief – Part Two and More

Part 2 is loaded with info about the South Hall at E3 including:

  • An exclusive interview with Craig Owens of EA
  • An exclusive interview with “Doc” of the Tester Season1
  • A round table with Owners Shane, AC and John along with special guest Bill F’kn Murray
  • How I owned the Devs of Medal of Honor
  • And a Prize Pack beyond any ever done with the new command at Urgent Fury
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