Warning: MW3 Modded Clan Tags, Will Get You Banned…

Story by: CritiKiL

Modded clan tags in Modern Warfare 3 are tags which have button icons in it, that make them considerably longer compared to what is permitted. A minor issue, yes, however Infinity Ward does not like any kind of exploit whatsoever, in their games. If you have got a modded clan tag, be sure to change it back to something suitable or risk a ban. Here is the official response on the Activison support forum regarding the MW3 clan tags:

“Using any kind of hack or exploit to put characters or graphics into your clan tag can result in a suspension or full ban. You may only use the default set of characters included in the user interface”

This is true for tags that are colored anything beyond the default colors, which also have been confirmed to be an exploit as well. Infinity Ward has stated that they will be evaluating the problem and that gamers who have got modded clan tags ought to be reported on sight. Guy Beahm of Sledgehammer games was asked if there would be an ETA for the fix, however due to this being so low-priority and undamaging to gameplay, there isn’t one.  So if you’re using these types of clan tags, remove them or run the risk of getting banned from the game.

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