PlayStation reminds you that PSN Code Generators are Fake and Dangerous

In a tweet today, PlayStation reminded everyone that these so-called PSN Code generators are nothing more than a phishing scam.

Fake/Scam PSN Code Generator

We’ve received reports regarding a fake PSN Code Generator that asks you to enter your PlayStation Network (PSN) information then promises to generate free PSN vouchers. Please note that this a scam that will attempt to obtain your PSN information.

If you have entered your information in the PSN Code Generator, we recommend you take the following actions:

  • Change your email and password for your PlayStation Network account using the official PlayStation Network Website.
  • Contact Sony PlayStation Consumer Services at 1-800-345-7669, also contact your credit or debit card customer service representative.
  • Check the email tied to your PlayStation Network account for suspicious purchases.
  • Delete any random chain messages, even if they are from friends.
  • Block users who send you chain messages.
  • As some of the tools may have malicious code or backdoors, scan your system for malware.

We have run across one of these lately on Facebook (BEWARE DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE IT IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME) which will get you to share the link on Facebook then prompt you to do an offer (this is to make them money) to activate the code.

In fact the code is never activated and puts you in an endless loop. The code will never activate, but the site owner will earn a ton of money to those thinking you just have to keep doing it until it works.

We highly recommend following the advice that PlayStation has posted on their site and steer clear of anything that is too good to be true!

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