Urgent Frequency Episode 64 – Volcanic Iceland

In This weeks episode:

  • 141 Champion
  • UF Black Begins
  • Splinter Cell for XBox
  • and an Interview with Reps from 141’s final stand
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Urgent Frequency Episode 63 – Insane Murphy’s Rocket Emporium Sponsors Urgent Fury

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In this weeks Episode:

  • UF 141 Sitrep and it’s a doosey
  • Tale tucked between their legs, a clan runs away from the deadly rockets
  • Game Trailers Visits Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • We welcome a new sponsor to Urgent Fury
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Urgent Frequency Episode 62 – What Turns you on?

Boy did Commander Fury Go all out this week, in this episode:

  • UF 141 Sit Rep
  • Spoof Flash Back
  • Playstation’s Qore Host Audrey Cleo Stops by the Studio
  • We pay tribute to our fellow Fallen Shooter [cBF] TheHulkster
  • and so much more!!!

Don’t forget to email show ideas, questions and more to [email protected]

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Urgent Frequency – Episode 60 – Are we too Fat to Fly?

In this episode:

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Urgent Frequencey – Episode 58 – 2K10 Begins

In this episode the Year begins:

  • UF: 141 Details finally revealed
  • Review of Mass Effect 2
  • Review of Army of Two The 40th Day
  • Hello Europe are you out there
  • Final Prep for BradyGames
  • and more!!!
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