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  1. Lol why does your sig have a tumor? well i lost all my hair in kimo...and they are working on removing my tumor ;D
  2. sorry to see this go down but GL to everyone involved.. disciple and snow you are good peoples you'll be fine.
  3. ??? OK
  4. weee...i see i made the orignal in muscatine,iowa :-\
  5. i wonder if its cheaper than the bunny ranch... ;D
  6. WOW i had to google this one to see if it was really real lol...and it is this what i got ... Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding in a 10.5 oz. tin. A lovely sponge pudding studded with raisins. Has the consistency of a rich moist cake. A favorite dessert amongst English school children - hence the silly nick-name. Makes a great gag gift too! Heat up in the microwave or on the stove and serve with one of our custard sauces (sold separately). know can u picture some guy going "god im really hungery for some spotted dick today" i wouldnt know how to take that...
  7. sham wow snuggies lol these are pretty funny ;D lol @ the snuggie I mean can't you acheive everything the snuggie offers with a normal blanket? snow have you ever tried to answer the phone with a normal blanket? it would have been easier with a snuggie...
  8. i like the SNUGGIES i think i have to get one...sorry when i hear about sham wow snuggies are the first thing that come to mind. :-\
  9. Voted ill try to remember to do it again ;D
  10. I love trolling forums at work ;D keeps me on task lol ok i have to go measure a house know ill be back to trolling in about 45-50min ;D
  11. ;D i know someone would think that about the tray of nugs... ;D
  12. is under the same skin as carbon poker or differnt? i played in one of your old tourneys and i was full of ppl that dont play socom and half didnt even know what socom is lol
  13. mrclean

    Car Accident

    hope your alright and every thing works out for ya. i kinda know the feeling i got nailed by a train one night scary shit. you can always get a new truck atleast u got to keep your life. good luck getting better.