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  1. Wow Ron what’s up man? I remember you and ATR very well. What a throwback. Didn’t you have a co leader who also had a 916 name? I haven’t played Socom in few months, but everyone moved from Xlink to a new program called SVDL. I am always down to clown if you get the itch to play again haha. -smokeosama
  2. Do it!!! It feels like the mid 2000’s all over again and man is it fun! I hope to see some old schoolers make a comeback and come play with us. The Socrack addiction is still alive and well! [THM] smokeosama
  3. My heart really sunk when I heard the news last night. I first met Rage during UF2 or 3 some 10 years ago and though we were never close friends, his impact on the community was always present. What he meant to SHO members, allied clans, and the community is simply immeasurable. I personally can attribute dozens of friendships, memories, and hours of gaming spent to Rage. Be it playing with or against his clan in tournaments, the Madden league he was always a gracious host for, or just gaming in general with SHO, those memories and connections don't exist without his contributions. His legacy will live on through the clan that he built and this community, which he also helped to build. SHO's longevity is a testament to Rage. I speak for not only myself, but the Uprising as a whole when I say he will be deeply missed. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family both offline and online. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. I do not have a forum account on SHO's site, so could someone please pass this message onto them.
  4. Shane approx how long will you all be in town? If I can't make the tourney, we should all do lunch at a place like Lou's (pizza) or Kuma's (burgers). Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  5. I am working that day and I will be back on midnights for that period. Maybe I will stop by for a bit when it begins. Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  6. I am 10 mins from the city, but I have to check my work schedule. Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  7. This. Check if you need help getting setup. Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Casual gaming is uncharted territory for most of us, but it is a venture we are all entering together. I look forward to what the future holds! Sent while dreaming of the duck blind using Tapatalk 2
  9. Many have speculated, but it is now official: After an illustrious history in which 8 championships and countless victories were achieved, the Uprising has closed it's doors. In recent months we had undergone some cosmetic changes, with MikeJaxon stepping down as leader. Jax remained on as a member, until resigning from competitive clan gaming in January due to the grind therein. The truth is that many of us felt the same as he did. We were just tired of the countless hours of practicing, preparing, and overall strenuous requirements of competitive gaming. We wanted to get back to being a family and just enjoying each other's company online. With Jax's resignation we decided to undergo a change to a new clan. The Uprising was his and it would feel weird to continue on without him. I can say without question that he was the most involved and instrumental leader to a clan's success I have ever been near and later, a part of. With the change, we also decided to become a casual clan. Just fun, family, and friends enjoying being online with each other. Some members were not ready to remove themselves from the competitive realm and we FULLY respect their decision to go another direction. With the change over, myself and Exile decided to promote 3 men to lead with us who have stuck with this family for many years, Arcs, Immersive, and ZTailGunner. I myself remember long ago reading Undertow's retirement post, containing reasons similar to Jax's. I said to myself (a young lad at the time in gaming terms), that'd never be me, very naively thinking I'd be playing tourneys until I was old and brittle. Or basically to Jax's age haha (j/k)! The truth is life happens and you find gaming to be less and less important, though the relationships will never dwindle in that respect. I still treasure the friends, family, and memories I have shared in my 10+ years of online gaming, but I too am just tired of it all competitively speaking. When I have time to game, which will be increasing to normal, I want to just enjoy the company of my guys, shoot the shit, and zombie out online. Without further ado, as I've written far too many long posts lately, I want to announce to the community that [apoX] Apocalypse Gaming has been born! We are a gaming family here with the intent for the foreseeable future of being just a casual clan. That doesn't mean that we won't strive for victory in any objective we face, merely that we will not be partaking in the competitive aspect (tournaments, ladders, etc). We are looking for active players who want to win and are down to earth, good people. Check us out at Fill out an application if you are a like-minded individual, who just wants to get back to the roots of gaming to have fun with friends in a family atmosphere.
  10. Played the GRFS beta...wasn't impressed. Socom 4 was a more functional TPS in my opinion than the GRFS beta, which should tell you all you need to know. Also I have never liked the over the shoulder type TPS'.
  11. Awesome episode tonight. Can't wait for the finale next week, it's going to be insane. It truly speaks to the show, when despite the fact that Raylan wasn't on the screen as much the past two weeks, the show has been at it's highest levels of amazing. The acting all around is just impeccable. The producers really do an amazing job casting this show.
  12. Justified is my favorite show on TV along with Sons. FX really has some of the best shows on TV (Justified, Sons, American Horror Story, The League). This show appeals to me because I've always been a big fan of Olyphant, joining the Marshals has always been a longterm goal, and the acting is incredible. Walton Goggins and Olyphant make this show go, along with incredible writing. I can't wait for tonight, this season is shaping up to be the best yet. Sidenote: Natalie Zea is gorgeous (Raylan's ex).
  13. Sony owns the rights to Socom, as such they would never sell out to Microsoft. That just never happens. Sony will never sell the rights of a game they own to a rival company...that'd be terrible business. That rumor on IGN, which I just read, was posted by some nobody on a message board claiming his "wife's cousin works for Microsoft." In bizarro world, if that were to happen, I would probably be purchasing an Xbox again only to play Socom. If there's any validity to this rumor, which I highly doubt, then this could be a good thing for us. Not because Socom will be resurfacing on the XBox, because that will not happen. It could be a good thing, because if it intrigued Microsoft enough to ask, then perhaps Sony will realize they still have a highly profitable resource lying dormant.
  14. We all loved the Zipper of old. This new regime at Zipper was never going to give us a Socom we longed for. Maybe one day Sony will bring on a dev group that can deliver what the fans really want and have been craving for over 6 years.
  15. I'm interested to try the beta, from there I will make my decision. PS Plus users will get the beta a few weeks before the rest of the public.
  16. Thunder and Bulls in the finals, bank it.
  17. o-BacklasH-o


    I've been watching Grimm. Pretty cool show, something different. Not a big fan of the breaks NBC keeps giving this show. It seems like there's a 1-2 week break every month with this show.
  18. o-BacklasH-o

    Terra Nova

    I can see that happening or a network like SyFy picking it up. Pretty solid show. I am getting to the point where I won't get into another Fox show, especially if they cancel Alcatraz. Chicago Code was a great show that they canned well too early. They wonder why their shows are a revolving door, because nobody wants to get into them for fear they'll get cancelled after 1 season. Terra Nova was by no means the best show on TV, but it was an interesting premise and it had some decent potential.
  19. That was a career game for "Turd." To us Bulls fans he is always known as the Turd (play on words from John Lucas the Third). He came through huge for us, not only because he stepped up as the scorer in Rose's absence, but we didn't have to overload Watson with minutes in his first game back. Anyhow, both teams stood pat at the deadline. Let's hope this ECF happens, because the Bulls are out for blood.
  20. How about them Bulls? No Rose, no problem. That's how a team wins a game (note the word team). The Bench Mob was huge tonight outscoring the Heat bench 56-15 (including two late 3's by Jones). Huge win and a big step towards locking up the #1 seed. It's going to be a different ECF this year Miami.
  21. What's up Rumpo? That's a name I haven't seen in YEARS (S3 days at least). How's it hanging? Btw I used to be known as smokeosama if you were wondering lol.
  22. Bulls on a roll. 8 in a row overall and 12 in a row with Rose in the lineup. 16 of our last 25 games are at home too, with a 2 game lead on the #1 seed. Keep it rolling boys!