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  1. we dont have 80 pages here yet? :-[
  2. danger du viagra. that must be for the 90 year olds.
  3. you forgot lag and glitcher-free :police:
  4. ROFL a hippo. she has to be the hottest hippo ive seen!
  5. we need a new thread for this season. right hippie?
  6. my ps3 was already dead when this network "lock down" happened. I got the YLOD 4 months ago or so. I called sony and they said since its out of warranty that i have to pay 150. screw that, why would i pay half the price of a new one for an old one that could just as easily get ylod again. the older models had more air intake holes/vents. computers need airflow but i guess it costs too much money to mold holes into something these days. now the slims have little slots all around the underside of it. this is not as bad since the slims have smaller chip architecture and produce less heat. anyway when i get a slim (CECH-2101) . The new model slims CECH-2101 have smaller RSX (graphics) chips. So they will use less power and produce less heat. Im also going to keep it about 1 foot away from an a/c vent. That should keep it chilled. I wish we had this law in the US.
  7. Release SOCOM II HD -New HD engine based off MAG -Use MAGs network & server stack-no lag -Fix the hit detection- assume that would be fixed if using mag engine -Create an in-game clan match system i voted. everyone who has ever played socom please vote. even if you dont want to buy it. we need all the votes we can get so sony will see there is a want and maybe remake it! wrath cod4 had small maps compared to socom 3. im sure the maps would be large and maybe have some old maps. right now thats not important. just vote! the last podcast zipper made, they said we cant influence the want or need for a remake of socom 2. the customers have to rally for it and show that there is a market for it.
  8. yes, 5 months later... the answer to who dat is... WE DAT!
  9. saw the entire series. it was good. if you like band of brothers you should check this out if you haven't already.
  10. yea, joanah hex looks pretty bad ass. cant wait to see it.
  11. sw3rve


    it was a kick-ass movie.
  12. i hardly see anyone using the AG-94. most people dont like it. the 417 is a beast. 2-3 shots to light armor and they are dead. i like the maps but they need to mix them together. it gets really annoying playing the cold front maps all day every day when everyone you know wants to play it all the time. if you look on top 10 downloads on the ps store the map pack is in there. so it must be selling good.
  13. the alice is junk. the M4A1 has better stats. the gold star makes you guns shoot incredibly accurate with custom grip and silencer.
  14. too lazy to read. i do know they said current services will remain free. i think they are talking about the netflix thing and other premium services. it wouldnt really work if you had free users on crap servers and premium on better servers. you would either split everyone up or have lots of angry people from unfair game play.
  15. hell yea golden eye is the shit. EA killed it. lol IW got the idea from sadams golden ak-47 and that sniper that was found. i used to play golden eye and perfect dark.
  16. when i get the cash for it i will be getting it. MAG was fun. i played it every day for the public beta.
  17. MAG was pretty damn fun. i only got to play with a couple friends. if you have your whole clan in a squad or platoon then it would be awesome! MAG is way more tactical than socom. so if your about that then mag is for you. if you hate people that spray and pray than mag is for you bc you wont get many kills this way. before you make a final decision rent it, get kills & xp then unlock a bunch of stuff then you will like it better.
  18. In 30 mins ill let you guys know how it is. This will be my first time trying it out.
  19. damn technical school... i have no "Spring Break" i get breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas that's about it.
  20. lol are you stealing from mr rogers jager? here is my speed using xp on vmware: here is my speed using windows 7:
  21. with videos...
  22. IF they can actually fix this: Late Join 'Hitch' improvements - addresses the pause experienced by players when someone late joins a game. then ill be happy.