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  1. Reviving a dead thread here. But they all seem dead honestly. Old head here from the first n.e.s.s.a. tourney. Any body still active and gaming around here and if so, what platform?
  2. I was banned the first time around too ??? . Maybe ill make it this time around Prolog
  3. More forum police sheeeeeesh, Lighten up already.. Free bump for Tow, a great deal and a struggling industry........ . . . . . . . . and the UF joke police
  4. dude, can you be a bigger douchebag? I guess some people cant take a joke around here. Tow, I going to order one of these for my girls. They are at the perfect age for it... Thanks for the hookup. Also, is this the same person that wrote the books you were telling me about when we were in chicago? Thanks again
  5. You are correct Tow. No one is making me read this, its just there every time I come to these forums. I never said you were a bad host or a bad guy even. Its your minions I have no patience for. I see they let you know i posted something semi-negative and they ran to tell you. . Either way it doesnt really matter, its going to happen no matter what. They will post some fake stuff for your entertainment, then we all get to read it. I originally posted it in a joking matter, so no hard feelings. Keeep your servants at bay and were all good
  6. EXACTLY..... I went to check it out. They are all recruits and there spamming this BS here. It was all fine and dandy when Tow ran UF . But this shit is just annoying seeing it at the top of the unread posts everyday. Kinda like when CDBS was posting every 2 mintues before people told him to chill hopefully itll be over soon
  7. most likely these RVN recruits are fishing for the most replies. So how do you stop it, dont reply BUSA shel187 Irish whos next? Hush or onei, maybe roguewarrior
  8. Yeah. I'm talking about right now oh, i guess i didnt realize it mattered
  9. I thought you were around then PD. He was in APC, when we had our interclan tourney on COD4.
  10. I started in UF right near the end of UF2. Some of my UF highlights include: Winning NESSA with [bD], playing in that 28 round match with [APC] vs. [*S*], and playing in the finals of UF4 with [APC]. A good time was always had. Hell, I even flew out to chicago and met fellow UFers from shadow ops,hollow ground and my clan at the time APC.
  11. lol, yep. Its a shame there all in different clans now
  12. So you guys are from [KO]. I remember playing against you guys a bunch back in the day. Congrats and good luck
  13. change your phone number and call it a day