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  1. Puppy black lab ...pure breed or mix doesnt matter...give your kid some responsibilities for the pup, like groom the dogs hair, and let it out to go to the bathroom. Definitely have the dog be an indoor dog and take her out while shes young to meet people and other dogs so she gets used to them. My father got me my dog in 03, shes house trained, she loves other people but the only problem is she doesn't like other dogs, my mistake I suppose. She loves the outdoors and doesn't mind lounging around the house all day while we're not home. Great dog to grow up with a kid. My Jenny Black lab/australian sheppard
  2. Seeing this text of the thread, I had hope...but I was fooled...YA GOT ME ! YA GOT ME !
  3. My cherry was popped in NESSA. Ah, the days of struggle to try and win those unwinnable territories in future tac map tournys.
  4. Hold on there, Sid.. let's talk games that are ALREADY out. We're not even 100% if Starcraft 2 will come out this year STARCRAFT 2 FTW IT WILL COME ! SHUT UR MOUTH CHURCH or ILL SHUT IT FOR YOU !
  5. Ok Certified ive had enough of your whining both in the clan rep section and in the regular forums. First off we greened up and played, no problems the first round of the war except two of our guys getting booted. Being a clan rep if you would of read the rules you would know the rest of the war is played on. We beat you 3-0, 3-1, and 4-1. You keep complaining about about two rounds well if you take those two rounds out and oh by the way the one round that you won with 20 seconds left when our last guy got booted its still 8-1 total score. You got beat and we all played through the boots so your whining can stop about that. Is it possible you could of lost due to better tactics, better communication, a clan that gels better together, or better gunners? Sure it is, so just accept it and go back to GB where you belong. JAX...OH SHIT LOL.
  6. I'm afraid you'll suffer the same outcome in Black too LOCKtober!
  7. Get it through your head, the Cubs will never win the world series in your lifetime ! They even lost to some Miami expansion team in the world series in Back to the Future 2 ! HELLO MCFLY !
  8. Thats a very fine line you're walking there pal. You MIGHT get lucky with Edwards progressing as a result of T.O. joining the team but I lean towards Edwards getting crushed under the constant bickering and nagging from owens. Remember Owens cries when he doesn't get the ball and Edwards is a very young quarterback who is definitely the worst of the qb's Owens has played with. I'm disappointed in Bills management for going after Owens. They already have plenty of talent on each side of the ball. In my opinion the Bills are the most underachieving team in the league right now along with the Packers. What the Bills need is a veteran leader to push them, Owens will definitely bring that and by pushing, I mean the whole offense off a cliff when he doesn't see the ball enough. Lucky? Go to the Bills website and listen to the interviews. His teammates love him. People like Ed Werder blow shit outta proportion. Owens will be fine in Buffalo. We haven't had a lethal 1-2 punch at WR since 2002 with Eric Moulds and Peerless Price. And believe me, Trent ain't no pussy insecure bitch like Garcia, no crybaby like Mcnabb and complete airhead like Romo. The kid is smart, keeps his mouth shut and is the unqeustioned leader of the Bills. As far as talent, we' not far off. We need some key upgrades at DE, S, LG, TE. WR was a need with Hardy's injury, but not anymore.
  9. As a fellow Bills fan Johnson, I like the move not because of what Owens brings as far as publicity but it helps the progression of our QB Trent Edwards. It forces the offense to change a bit. It forces Edwards to become a more complete passer because of the routes Owens is able to run. We've seen dink and dunk Edwards, now we get to see deep ball, seem routes, deep crosses Edwards. Plus James Hardy had ACL surgery and is going to be slow coming back for the season and it gives him an idea of what the Bills want from him in terms of being a big wr. T.O will help Hardy no doubt. Whether it's T.O for 1 or 2 years, James Hardy should emerge as a major threat for us. If not...well
  10. Love the juggernaut video lines. Now you can make a choice, I can take this shit or you can give it willingly. I want it, I want it willingly.
  11. Call me nostalgic but I don't seem to LOVE the action packed new era of Resident evil. While I thought RE4 was good and undoubtedly RE5 will be good, nothing compares to the original Resident evils. When I played Re4, it was like, ok I gotta kill hundreds of these infested humans to beat the game. On the other hand, in the originals, I played to escape Racoon City or find an anti-virus. You actually felt like if you were in the game, you had to goslow throughout the mansion, police station, the city, the streets for survival. You never knew what was up next, you had to piece together codes, passwords, keys, items to get to certain areas. It was like no other, it was what RE was about. Now, I feel like I'm playing an action packed thriller which isn't bad, its just not "Resident Evil".
  12. Same old cubbies.
  13. Mustangs right, he took those two front kicks and it looks like the 2nd one might have been high to the face or even is throat. I really cant believe a short right with no force put him down the way it did. But hey im not a ufc fighter ;D
  14. Philly fans better pray the Mets don't make the play. Mets have owned them this season.
  15. I'm sure johnson30 will reply soon ;D Our bills are lookin sharp! 3-0 and a top the AFC East. Rams next week and cardinals the week after...gooooooo bills !