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Urgent Fury Unleashed » Binary Domain, is it a Sleeping Giant in the 2012 Shooter Category?

Binary Domain, is it a Sleeping Giant in the 2012 Shooter Category?

Binary Domain

The best way to describe Binary Domain would be to say it is a third person Tactical Shooter that meets iRobot. Now keep in mind I had not really even heard about this game until I found out there was going to be a BradyGames strategy e-guide for this title.

I had the pleasure to play through Binary Domain start to finish and was pleasantly impressed by the game mechanics. The story line sends the main characters Dan Marshall and Roy Boateng on a mission for the IRTA to investigate the Amada corporation on breaking international laws by developing human-like robots.

Your first mission is to meet up with your international counter parts while trying to keep a low profile, but nothing is that simple. Right away you are recognized as a threat by the enemy robot force as you have been dropped in Japan which is already in conflict between humans and robot forces.

Throughout the campaign you pitted against varying opponents from basic assault shooters, Grand Lancers, Jarheads and more. There are over 30 different types of enemies to put our skills against.

With over 25 weapons in the game, your standard issue SOWSAR-17 ASSAULT RIFLE SBMOD Assault Rifle is more than adequate against most of the enemies in the game you can pick up enemy weapons and even visit shop terminals to purchase weapons, ammo, health, upgrades and skill upgrades. These ATM like devices are scattered throughout the and actually stop all gameplay while you are accessing the terminals.

Along the way you will find intel items called SECUR-COMs which are glowing data tablets that when obtained unlock one or more IRTA Reports. If you head over to the BradyGames YouTube channel we have teamed up with them to create a five part series walking you through picking up all 40 SECUR-COMs. Check out the first video in the series:

For all of you trophy hunters out there, Binary Domain rewards you with 50 different achievements scattered among the campaign and multiplayer.

The game graphics and sound are amazing as I played on my Samsung LED television with surround sound. There are plenty of cinematic cut scenes throughout the campaign, but is well balanced with the amount of game play. The campaign is well laid out and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you race to find Yoji Amada, the founder of the mada Corporation.


Overall I give this game a 8.83 out of 10 and we are going to label Binary Domain as a sleeping giant in the shooter category for 2012.

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