Innovation and Originality are something shooters have been missing lately

SOF Studios announced today they are currently developing “an Entertainment Industry first”  by using hand selected personnel from the world’s most elite Special Operations units.

On their new webpage, SOFs shares that the characters in their untitled Tactical Shooter will be profiled from actual Army Special Operations, Army Ranger, Army Special Force and Nave SEAL veterans.

We understand that more  about each member’s profile will be revealed in stages and there are hints of character visuals to be added as well.

Unlike the normal process that developers follow, SOFs is planning on offering an extremely high level of transparency as the project progresses.

The first step in this process is by encouraging shooter fans to head to their website and “Jump In” by filling out a profile questionnaire. This gives Gamers a personalized voice directly with the team at SOF Studios.

To help reach out to Shooter Fans, SOFs has built alliances with Long Standing Communities like The Sea Snipers, and Urgent Fury as well as the up and coming Happy Thumbs Gaming YouTube Channel. It is alliances like this that will make this game very likely to be a truly Fan-Driven game.

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