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  1. I agree as well, essentially debates can be used as a think tank. We all have our opinions, and that is great, but it is always better to listen to pros and cons from both sides. Being closed minded creates more problems, look at Puddy's case today. IMO, he was being closed minded. That is why all successful companies use 'Think Tanks' to inspire new ideas as well as reinvent old ideas.
  2. How old are you? This series is probably older than you are. This is one of the LONGEST running series in the gaming industry....21yrs...Metal Gear started out on NES and it has been at the top of the charts in that 21yrs and still running....The story line is So-CALLED "Poop" to you because you were LOST as hell....that story line was great...I am 30yr old gamer and I have been playing MG since NES... This series wraps up 21yrs although MGS 4 really didn't close the book...because u never know what actually happens to snake..... I understand that is your opinion..but you are very misguided my friend.....and for the record...MGS4 should have won GOTY IMO....I have both...and I stopped playing GTA long ago...I have been through MGS4 at least 7 times and I love it
  3. I agree, I bought this game the same day I got Socom...and damn it U are on pins and needles all the time....they have ambient sounds that will have u sitting on the edge of your seat....I played for like 2 hrs the first day I got it and I dont think I blinked once after I got the shit scared out of me the first time.... It seems like those damn Zombies...LOL always pop up when u least expect them...its bad ass....I LOVE THIS GAME...I started out on Hard and let me tell you, damn Hand to Hand combat doesn't work...I got owned trying to kill a zombie after I shot his legs off and ran out of ammo....You have to accurate as hell considering u are always strapped for ammo....U truly feel helpless at times.....OMG....this game owns.... -Vet
  4. I noticed the same thing as would not be that bad if your bullets actually went where your reticule is lined up... I can deal with the movement but when the reticule it on a person's entire body and I pull the trigger and the bullets disappears that is a HUGE problem for me(i know, i know...its a beta).....I honestly think the reticule is off as well....I can have my sights completely over a wall(especially near the jump wall)and when I fire, every damn bullet hits the wall, I end up having to stand up the combat that....and THAT is very annoying.... -Vet
  5. ATARI 2600-0 NES-0 SNES-0 N64-0 GAMEBOY-0 GAMEBOY ADVANCED-0 SEGA/SEGA CD-0 Dreamcast-0 3DO-0 TURBO GFX 16-0 PS2-1 PS3-0 PSP-0 Damn, thinking about it, i have had a good gaming lifetime....LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good Luck Warpig with that
  7. :o ....That woke me up....oh shit it time to go to sleep....LOL!!!!!!
  8. I just made a post in our clan section...we will see how many we can bring!!!
  9. .1878 Rocketing Rabbit....W00t
  10. *sniff* *sniff* I have the CR meeting tonight and I have to wait till after that to start over again..... but I can't wait.
  11. WOW, I just completed the game as well, with the title of "Eagle"( Headshot king) #10 LOL. EFFIN Great ride, I am tired as hell I just put in 30hrs and 30mins or so in the last 2 days. I am going to bed a happy man just to start over in the morning. GREAT GAME....... For those who passed the game post your title earned I want to know what they all are...the ones that are blacked out. -Vet
  12. Dude, I have over 20 hrs logged in this game and have yet to beat it. But I will say I am loving this game...omg BEST GAME OF THE YEAR easy....GRAPHICS are the best to date for ps3 IMO. I just completed the battle with Crying Wolf...but I am an explorer. I have found so much stuff....and I have not had to buy any guns from Drebin. lol U guys should explore the airplane with the Mk II downstairs and upstairs. SWEET. LOOL
  13. WoW, I know this is old but I am sure we have some new Military/exMilitary ppl that have joined the site since Feb. Plz comment and send out your support for all of the military personnel still fighting for us. Thanks again for what you guy are what your family members are doing. -Vet