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  1. My comp crashed i would l ike a sig if ya have the time maybe we can catch up and go over a few things
  2. i know that HBK would be interested in playing but me myself I'm kinda burnt out on cod ill still go hard if i have to - not saying that I'm the best but ill play for sure!
  3. Hey y'all I'm looking to recruit you guys into a rocket league tournament if you have any interest find me on the psn - gt - buster_
  4. If we can generate at least 6 to 8 clans and discuss rules and come up with a few things that would be great I have a few things in mind for a tournament that would make this fun for everyone
  5. Well if yah can ask him if he would like to play in a tournament maybe a few of yah if yah have the game check it out and see if it's something that you guys would be interested in! I'm down and I see that the game can be fun for clans
  6. So a few of us have been talking about a rocket league tournament I'd like to know how many are interested and if so do we have enough clans/players that would be down for a challenge?
  7. If you have a ps4 definitely get the game it's awesome and also has a great story line
  8. Here to help push with a tournament let me know what I can do to help with this
  9. Lol I remember doing this all the time I'm in let me know
  10. Hey that sounds fun is like to get back to running and gunnin
  11. Hey I'd like to get something going for war thunder some kinda clan war stuff anyone down??
  12. id be playing bf4 if there were a party system i know all of SKS would be into that insted of call of booty
  13. Blitz i think would be the best one to play as far as a tournament goes i also think dom is weak now they made the maps to big for it i also like 4v4 search and rescue i dont think thats to bad or even a 6v6 im sure infected would be cool if we could figure out some kinda settings
  14. the clan i play in does not play war hawk i heard that it is a great game but if u wanna check out a clan go here