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  1. Hush he didnt take half the arena. These are clans that feel it is better to move on.
  2. Some vacancies where not by choice, but oh well life goes on.
  3. Path i always thought it was run when you where behind them. Cause your always asking for and are always sneaking up behind someone. Ask Lukin
  4. Congrats to Wolf. looking forward to the video section.
  5. you mean this video. It was actually an interception.
  6. OH man another X-mas present. Cant wait.
  7. Hey Mike can you talk in Dumb terms for me.
  8. i could have sworn that i did this and marked it done.
  9. Ya well i hope they fix the game first.
  10. There will be a post when they have fixed the issue at the UFGL. Im sorry for the for the delays.
  11. ARES im sorry for the issues they are working on the issue as they know of the problem and are working hard to fix it. Please bear with us as they try to remedy the issue. Thanks Rogues
  12. God Bless America and every Military personal in the US. Have you guys seen the color videos of when Pearl Harbor was attacked. They did a whole special about Pearl Harbor with just the color videos they found.