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  1. lol lame! smoke you still havnt added me! xskubax
  2. whatever its john stockton! just think if malone didnt start being a girl and try to get a championship there would have been 3 jazz ppl being inducted this year .
  3. lol bears! before the game. "brian urlacher is finally healthy!" SMOKE!?!? Thanks for the bears taking cutler even tho he should possibly start doing better?? Its all about the skilled non lucky broncos!!!
  4. whats going on chili?
  5. xskubax is my psn prob should change that on here. but i dont think it will take to long for me to get back into it and be up top! my eyes just have to get used to seeing all the small details again
  6. Skuba!!! What's happening man?! It's been too long bro, you still on Socom? I see you're still rocking the UF2 sig Sage/Pathogen made you. Btw thanks for Cutler and have fun with Kyle "Noodle Arm" Orton! Had to give you a jab on the Broncos to make up for lost time lol. If you're on Madden 10 I'll have to give those Ponies a Chicago beat down. HUH! still a hater i see . We will just put a million scoops of sugar in cutlers gatorade and lets see how his diabetes likes that! haha . ya its been a while but not to much. i havnt played socom really that much anymore. but im gonna try to start getting on more if my internet will quit being slow and lame and let me. I havnt picked up madden i might who knows. bears are still cabbage.
  7. smokeosama!?!
  8. PayPal is secure so dont worry about puttin your info on there. not completely....I almost lost $350 earlier this year to some dude that hacked my paypal through my email and changed my stuff to japanese so i thought it was just spam. but luckily it was on my debit so i caught it quick enough to have it fixed and havnt used it since. But alot of ppl do use it.
  9. hey im crawling back socom is coming back DUH!
  10. Its [Cp°] you goofballs . Its cool that someone finally put something like this up! good lookin out chili! . Dont know why you guys havnt done the command area yet with all the other cool good lookin things with the sites. Tow? sniper? haha i know i have bugged you guys about that before. Anyways its cool to see the winners being recognized, and are you guys still gonna put up the rosters of them? not sure if you still have them or not? Cp°/TOU
  11. HELL YA i still do it!!!
  12. pretty cool ecard site ;D
  13. ya but sniping w/o stopping power is horrible even with the 50cal .....its not worth it just snag a gun when u run by one. last stand and marty are lame retarded perks that need to go especially in hardcore.
  14. skuba

    32 teams

    and you actually like that he pretends ewwwwwww
  15. lol, yup and thats above you on the scoreboard.  shiat plz. u had to take me off ur friends list cuz i kept being up top
  16. wiz always stays in the same spot! haha
  17. i didnt read everyones but i love watching how laggy the game is through the kill cam.......................not! lol
  18. lol joyner joyner. i guess when we were in Cp we shouldnt have brought him in, i blame it on DB(deathblow) haha. If he kept his mouth shut he would be good. *off topic* and when are you guys gonna put up past winners!? slackers! haha jk
  19. ahahahahahaha u would nvr hear the end of it