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  1. What's UP Big D! Been a long time man and I see your moving on up in the gamer world here at UF. I still have my original Fat PS3 as well & I've had it fixed 2x by sony for wireless issues. I haven't heard of any high buy back prices but LET ME KNOW if you find one! LOL
  2. my brother and Co leader cant get on either, but I can ;D I have a slim, I'll go check my fatty ps3. I don't know if it means anything but the playstation website just got updated to another new look, no more black n red, lol. They could be shutting down servers systematically and doing some background website/upgrades...yeah that sounded good, ;D SUX though, Sony coulda warned us.

    CS4 Help

    I bought a new laptop with Win7 on it and my copy of Photoshop Elements 6 isn't compatible. (figures) I DL'd CS4 trial to see if i would work and it does. Anyone have serial# to share?? hmm?? Thx And Merry Xmas
  4. Take the intercooler off and put ur ps3 on a laptop cooling bAse instead. u wont restrict air flow and u wont hear the noise as much. i had the same one and it did the same as urs...noisy.
  5. Nice pics, I lived in Portland for a year due to my job and flew back to AZ every month. It looks just as cool when flown over in a plane, it almost seems like u can see right to the bottom cuz it's so CLEAR but never knew it was so deep or that plane that went down in it.
  6. I just took the plunge for the iphone (left verizion todo it). It is a great phone/ipod/gps with an awesome touchscreen but the area coverage sux compared to verizon(at least for me) and NO MMS as prev stated. Luckily its supposed to be patched in september (another patch, lol). Making ur own ring tones (40secs max) is pretty easy to do but u cant change any of the alert sounds unless u jailbreak the phone. All the apps, apps, and more apps r cool but read the reviews before buying anything. If verizon ever does get the iphone I will switch back.
  7. It's just like the old socoms, COOL!
  8. Hard wired, Cable access from COX
  9. I made some using this free tool for our forum.
  10. if you have global header/footer section like on a forum it'll work, I tried it on mine. not sure bout the craiglist thing though. mabye just put ur myspace link (if u have one) on craigslist and then put this object code there...that should have an html usable header/footer.
  11. UF was my first real online gaming Tourny experience with my clan and I am greatful for all the hard work u guys and supporting cast put into it. I've never had such a great time with a bunch of great clans in the UF gaming community! Thx! and I hope u guys get more than your asking for. Adios amigos