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  1. Hey inadub, its ben a while since I have been to the site and it would appear that with the upgrades I cna no longer put my current tags on. I had originally set my account up woiht a log in of[sxB]Art-Man and well I have not been with SxB for a very long time. How do I get my forum profile to sho OGC instead of SxB. I do no treally need to change my log in just want the forums display to Show [OGC]Art-Man1. Any help would be appreciated.



  2. Heymaybe someone can help me out here. My login starts with [sxB] as I used to be with them a long time ago and I used to just change my form name to reflect OGC how do I get this changed so that My tags shoe OGC. No disrespect to SxB however I am OGC all tghe way.
  3. OGC is still going strong. We have just been taking it easy for a bit.
  4. Art-Man1

    Name Change

    Hey guys I haven't been posting too much over the summer and now into winter but I am starting to get back into the swing of things. Anyone who was on my old list Art-Man please update your friends list and shoot me a new request as my new name has been changed to l-Crazy_Canuck-l. I look forward to hooking up with all the clans that I used to.
  5. Was it just me or was Jkill lagged because by my eyes half of those sniper shots weren't even on the target but dropped the guy anyway.
  6. I personally have rented space on Urban Wasteland. I pitched a tent there last week and the port-a-potty is comming in on Wednesday. All are more then welcome to stop by and have a drink.
  7. Good to see ya back Dub I was in a room with a few of your guys a bit ago but bouncd so you could get all your guys in. looking forward to soem fun wars. hit me up when ya get a chance. Art-Man1
  8. I for one think the game is ok. I like to play mainly with my clan. The only reason I play most games is to play with the clan. I really do not sit and just play a single player game. So is the game incomplete...YES. Am I pissed that I payed for a Beta version of a game....YES. Am I pissed about the maps that came with the game....NO cause I never payed any of the other socoms so it is all new to me. Am I pissed they have not released an DLC to date yet.....Not really do games really have to release new shit for their games every 2 months.....your call. Should we have to play for the first DLC that comes out......NO FRIGGIN WAY.....for our pain and suffereing with an incomplete game at launch. There you have it my 2 cents.....however I am canadian so it is really only worth 1.75 cents
  9. Art-Man1

    Patch 1.42

    I have a problem when I am running through my sound system I loose sound all I do is switch it from Surround to tv thern back. I have a buttopn that allows me to switch back and forth from my sound system to the TV with out messing with teh TV at all so I don't loose any sights I may have on a guy lol.
  10. Hey SharkBait hit me up buddy Art-Man1 we can help ya out. Get a few game sin with us.
  11. I see this happening, first they will come out with the major patch to fix the outstanding issues. Now with a couple months of so called testing for this to make sure everything goes nice and smooth we will have 5 times the problems we have now after its release. Then it will take them about a month or so to fix what the patch messed up. Then I am sure that there will be some small 50 or so things that they forgot to include in said big patch so they will have to patch the patch and then patch that patch to fix its screw ups. Then just before Christmas time when oh say COD Modern Warefare 2 comes out they will release the map pac with all the other crap in it for $12.99 jus to try and keep things fresh. This is just my opinion. I also love playing Socom so no bashing on socom just bashing Sony and /6
  12. ok guys I do not usually listen to the pod casts as I am usually very busy. But as it was stated the sign ups would eb up the last day of January. Just wondering if this has changed. maybe we can get someone from UF to respond.
  13. I have to agree it is now Feb 1st. Guess he is busy getting ready for Super Bowl.