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  1. XD, if you're still lurking around... I remember you as well. You still gaming?
  2. Better yet, is there a way to give folks permission change their display name like the old proboards forum?
  3. Feedback from someone who just spent two hours or so playing with/getting set up on the new diggs: 1) Looks good so far. I'm excited at the possibility of a functional ladder coinciding with some patented UF tacmap tournament goodness. 2) The "Members Area" login on the upper-right of the landing page does not work... for me at least. I had to log in through clicking the "Logged in" text in the "Lets Play" box right below the aforementioned login area. I'm wondering if thats where half of your claims of username/password issues are coming from. 3) It would be nice to have a way to send invites out to multiple members en masse, or at least without clicking through their profile. Sending out 15 or so just now took longer than it needed to, even with back-buttoning my keyboard to death. 4) An explanation of the ranks (Leader/Co-leader/Captian/etc) and any team management abilties they have or do not have would be useful, if it isn't already up somewhere. I know it's early, but it looks neat so far. Good stuff.
  4. LOL. Thanks I guess? Nah, Lash. I wanted to... and Sniper said he would look into getting a shirt for me, but it came down to having to order a significant number of them, which obviously wasn't worth it. Someone around here has to have the hookup, somehow though... I figured I might as well throw it out there just in case someone knew of a way to get mah sexy bodhay in some UF swag.
  5. I've always wanted to own a UF shirt. But I'd need a miracle, coupled with several pounds of lubricant to get one that would actually fit. Where's the love for the fat mofo's?
  6. Was just a little dry humor, sorry. 625.
  7. 524... Getting harder and harder not to click on the "Fxy Mxy" person above you. I hope this ends soon.
  8. Possibly some decent deals in there... nothing better than the "Buy 2, get 1" sale that ran all weekend, though, in terms of pure savings. Also, I noticed one game (Demon Souls) which wasn't "on sale" at all, and was the same price over a week ago when I almost purchased it. I did look up the sale on a site I use often as a "deal locater" ( The folks over there listed these games as potentially solid buys: Xbox 360 Assassin's Creed $6 Dark Void $10 Assassin's Creed II $20 Darksiders $20 Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition $40 Just Cause 2 $40 Skate 3 $40 Playstation 3 Fallout 3 $9 Assassin's Creed $10 Dark Void $10 Assassin's Creed II $20 Darksiders $20 Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition $40 Just Cause 2 $40 Skate 3 $40
  9. The review I read over @ gizmodo indicated that the gui Motorolla throws on top of Android makes it frustrating and unintuitive to use. Up here in Alaska, we're stuck 6-12 months behind the rest of the country in terms of mobile phone tech, we're just getting the Droid/Milestone and Desire from HTC early next month. All we've had is the Hero thus far. The good news is the Desire/Milestone will be free up here (new 2 year yada yada of course). I'll be picking mine up asap.
  10. Voted. For anyone avoiding the "work" because of the need to sign up (I'm usually one of those guys), it took less than 120 seconds total. Good luck amigo.
  11. Will take some getting used to. I agree with the "more streamlined" thoughts.
  12. I did, good catch. Serves me right for posting after 12am.
  13. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I've been doing some reading about the takedown of the site you used... as well as 8 others that went down. I'm having trouble determining which factoid I found more interesting. 1) The takedown was handled by ICE (Immigration and Customers Enforcement a.k.a the folks who are on youtube chasing random Hispanics in Los Angeles). 2) The takedown process of the 9 sites took 100 federal agents in 11 different states (plus the Netherlands) hundreds of hours to complete. There are already sites rumored to be popping up in their place. 3) I've read some are arguing this long forgotten thing called "due process" was ignored when the sites were seized in lieu of a take down notice. Although apparently the Patriot Act may have made this sort of thing kosher. I'm not a member of the "Pirate Party" or anything... but do think it's interesting ICE is now getting its hands dirty in the online world, when thousands people who are not citizens of this country (for better or worse) come across our border every week. I guess I just figured they would have something better to do.... apparently not.
  14. I agree with what the reviewer on IGN said. It's a nice content plan for those who used the psn and paid for content anyway. For most everyone else, it's not really relevant. Online play is still free... and until that changes, subscribers really are limited to Sony fans/early adopters and PSN store junkies.
  15. I've got an original 20 gig.... this would seem to be a decent deal.
  16. Chili, I've been around a while now... just under a different alias. You know me and my weirdo name-changing fetish. I'll accept the xbl invite next time I'm on. Thanks for the kind words, Tool.
  17. Perfect timing. The official Blackberry/Twitter app just came out:
  18. Still looking for guinea pigs potential recruits!
  19. Thanks! Our webmaster is worth every penny we pay him. :-X