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  1. BUT if any of us wanted a Wii we'd have one and to me Natal is just another gimmick that Microsoft is putting in it's arsenal. I thought the Microsoft conference was weak sauce.
  2. im sure they will top that show ' date=' in my opinion e3 MS conference was as lame as ever no new ip, or big exclusive games. To sum it all up , MS conference was time exclusive DLC. that was it, but the no controller part was pretty dam cool [/quote'] Agreed. It was pretty weak and the consensus opinion from a few different boards is the conference was pretty weak.
  3. I agree on all counts besides the store. Who cares if someone text messages in a store, unless you are talking about talking on the cell phone. I guess it depends on the person. In my case if I get a phone call and I'm at the mall I walk out of the store and stand somewhere on the concourse.
  4. lol classic movie and a classic line. Love that movie.
  5. I picked up the year subscription of Qore well before the May 15 cut off and I still haven't been given the Beta voucher for Uncharted and apparently I'm not the only one. Quite a few people have wrote in and complained but I haven't gone that far yet. I may just bum the code from a friend that has it.
  6. And pretty as ever... I love pits... I have a blue pit and a brindle red nose Great, great dogs. My parents currently have two. Our male is a red nose and our female is fawn. I got my first when I was 7 and he lived to be 17 and man what a great dog. I'd have one to call my own right now but had a chocolate lab show up at my front door a few days after thanksgiving 30 pounds underweight so my gf and I decided to keep him. Soooo we now have our 11 month old Doberman Goose and Guinness our Choco lab. We'll likely add a Blue Pit female in a year or so, my parents were really close to adopting a blue male but he went to a family one ahead of us on the waiting list. My bud Conan (like Conan O'Brien) at 6 months old right after he was adopted from the Pittsburgh Humane Society hence the makeshift leash. My mom forgot to bring one. He's two now.
  7. lol what? I only looked at the first 3 or so pictures but the wheels are the same, only the rears have a dish and the fronts obviously do not. You'll never see a car with the rims dished in the front and the rear unless the owner in question is going for some sort of thug look. Dished rims in the rear are very common on the american muscle scene. I love the look.
  8. On a different note the Red Faction Multi demo isn't half bad. You have to make a UK account but Jt, Hawk, Catty and myself have been playing it. We can play the MP demo on Xbox.. but it seems like Halo to me. Really? It's nothing like Halo in my opinion. Hell it's 3rd person which makes it NOTHING like Halo. I dunno I'm enjoying the MP demo but we'll see how the final build is there are definitely things I don't like about the demo.
  9. Under what section of the EU PSN store is it under? I couldn't find it. Their store isn't as user friendly as ours, IMO. Ummm I think the heading was "The latest" but they were initially having connection proiblems with the demo so if you can't find it, it may have been pulled from the store. I'm on my way back to Columbus in a half hour or so and my stuff is packed up but tonight when I get home I'll fire it up and see if i can find it. I believe it was the first tab in from the top row on the left.
  10. and COD in my opinion is far too easy to rack up a ungoldly amount of kills after minimal seat time behind the controller. Funny how different things were a month and a half ago and now you're looking for a new game to play because you and a bunch of other people have finally realized confrontation isn't worth the headache. On a different note the Red Faction Multi demo isn't half bad. You have to make a UK account but Jt, Hawk, Catty and myself have been playing it.
  11. gonna have to disagree... KZ2 clan system sucks.... if hes a huge socom fan I doubt he will like the respwan in the game..I played it for 2 weeks, and I havent touched it since... IMO KZ2 was overhyped and overrated.... A fully functioning ladder, online team page with roster, wins, stats, battle replays simply by creating a clan not to mention the game actually works. I don't think it's overhyped or overrated at all and probably one of the best games of the last 5 or so years. As far as not liking respawn he's pretty much out of luck because the only game that is exclusively non-respawn is Socom. How can you say the clan system sucks? It's 10 times better than the one in place for Socom and the developer is on top of things with several patches and already a second DLC on the way. Love the game.
  12. looks like I'll need to finally start playing my copy of fallout 3 so I can enjoy the Pittsburgh DLC. I was sooooo bummed when that was released for the 360 and not the PS3. I'm from Pittsburgh so playing post apocalyptic Pittsburgh would be pretty cool.
  13. Since 6 bucks is REALLY breaking the bank.
  14. I have something absolutely perfect for this thread.
  15. However confrontation is all kinds of f*cked up at the moment and redemption isn't on the horizon. The game just isn't fun anymore and really THAT is the problem. Yes 100% great leadership goes a long, long way but when you're leader is doing everything in their power to press on and the game is constantly kicking you in the ball there isn't much you can do.
  16. The game really is a nightmare. I log on when I see a bunch of my clan mates are logged on or when one sends me a text message or a phone call. I may enjoy myself for the first 20 minutes but after the game wears on and more and more BS floats to the surface my frustrations overwhelm my enjoyment and I'm ready for something different. It really is a sad reality and until Slant 6 gets their head out of their asses recruits, at least good recruits are going to be few and far between and each and every other shooter will continue to poach the fan base until no one is playing confrontation. The patch is LONG, LONG overdue and it's a bunch of far fetched promise and "just sit tight and be patient" backdoor sentiments. Slant 6 did a piss poor job and even the fan boys are slowly but surely trickling away from frustrationCOM and not returning. I'm almost full time Killzone 2 these days and a few months ago all I played was Socom mostly because of my former clan mates in Enemy Lines and my current clan mates in the Seriously Magnificent Gentlemen which is basically a bunch of EX-EL. The game sucks. Plain and simple. Hopefully the patch is as good as advertised but I have ZERO faith in Slant 6. Thankfully most of us got a solid Bluetooth out of the deal.
  17. Killzone 2 and it's not even close. Red Faction comes out next month and that's going to be 3rd person. The demo is out and it's fun but I'm not sure how it will translate to multiplayer. Apparently there is a multiplayer demo getting released this month. The 21st I believe but that's probably the one and only 3rd person game worth a sh*t coming out any time soon. Socom is frustration city and I've all but stopped playing and only log on to play with the choice few of which you're aware. I'd go rent Killzone 2 if i were you and see how it goes. It takes a little getting used to and you need to unlock the higher guns. The clan system works, the ladder works, the graphics may be the best on the system and Guerilla Game is ON TOP of things with a few patches, one DLC already and another on the way. It's really the only online shooter option IMO as I can't stand COD. Madden 2010 looks to be incredible by the way. Write up on talking about a few of the additions. I'm playing Killzone, NHL 09 and Socom sporadically with some GTA here and there with Taco, Wannaball and Hawkman. Killzone 2 just break down and rent it/buy it. I doubt after you get the hang you'll be disappointed.
  18. GangBang McSocom had me rolling. I run in to that guy daily.
  19. just wait till CoD5 comes!! bye bye K2 i used to see a lot of people playing it. now.. those same are playing CoD4 or CoD Waw Most of the people I know that went back to COD have gone back to COD because they didn't like the way KZ2 controlled and by that they meant they didn't like that they actually had to use some skill to haul in kills. In killzone you actually have to lead your shots from a distance whereas in COD it's point/shoot/kill etc. I'm certain people will play COD MW2 quite a bit and I'm also certain people will stop playing KZ2 all together but you can also be certain that there is a large contingent that can't stand COD that will continue playing KZ because they feel it's a better game. I'm one of those people. I love my Socom and my KZ2 and I mix a few games in here and there NHL and Madden to name two. KZ2 will be my only FPS for a good long while at least until MAG comes out and then I'll be playing two.
  20. I play it every day and love it. The new maps were released today and both are very solid. I may have a great interest because I have a really good KZ2 clan but even if I didn't I still enjoy playing with friends and climbing the leader board. My clan is currently ranked 9th (Omnipotent) so we get quite a few clan challenges and the matches are usually a blast.
  21. It's there now. The new content from what I can tell is almost always released late afternoon. (Thursday) I haven't played the demo yet but know a few people that have been playing it from a EU account. They all love it but that doesn't mean I'm going to dig it. I guess i'll find out once the download is complete.
  22. Yes. 8am this morning I believe. It took me a few minutes to download. A thread was already started talking about the patch on the board.
  23. I'm going to send you a PM in a few minutes.
  24. I did, but I had to leave for work right after. Took like 40 seconds. Will be on tonight to check it out. I downloaded it and had to immediately jump in to a clan match. The only thing I really noticed in the 20 or so minutes the clan match lasted was the new ranks. The top rank now requires 100,000 points and it's being labeled Commander in Chief. I've read on the KZ2 forums that they may have upped the firepower for some the weapons but I'm not sure and I don't believe the patch outline covers weapon upgrades so maybe people are being dramatic. Either way I haven't played enough post patch download to really discuss anything besides the new ranks.
  25. If you play regularly post your tag in here. Add me PSN: Rorbotron