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  1. Haven't posted anything here for awhile Here is a couple new templates i did 1. 2. these are made for fun on only Trying to push my self To get better
  2. its nice bro but the resolution on it is very low =/ lots of pixels everywhere. Corners are all Shadows Lots of things hiding behind rough shadows Was never i fan of the Animated Templates lol
  3. Well this is something i made for Fun
  4. This Border is up for sell ! PM for details XD Can be Modified to your liking ! with color schemes that match you Website and more XD V1 No bar ! v2 different Colors XD hope you guys like it XD
  5. I'm thankful that i dont have to Deal with X-Factor everyday Of the week anymore Good old *S* days XD
  6. Been awhile since i Posted Here HAd Some Real life Problems but its all good Now Here something i made 2day
  7. Save it as PNG man make sure you have no background. then upload it
  8. i didn't like the first temp so i remade lol New one OLD one CC always welcome
  9. most of this is made with Xara but i like how Xara works with the my wacom intuos4 and the live Effects are awesome
  10. well its been close to a year that ive been rocking My naruto sig figured its time for a change lol Grey FOX !!!!!! took me awhile to make this sig -_-" programs used PS CS4 Xara Extreme
  11. yeah i know i wont bother cleaning that out till someone buys the PSD lol i saw right after i posted it lol and this Temp has so many layers that would take me forever to find which one it is lol
  12. yeah man i started with the 300$ models More room to work with but the one i have now is awesome it has a screen on it and it shows the image you are working with on the tablet
  13. Its a good Tablet To start with tool i have this one right now but i started with the Intuos and its Great for Beginners You will be amazed how much it helps you out
  14. This Temp was Inspired from Resident evil Biohazard CC always welcomed ! Temp is up for sell fulled Layered PSD the Left Cut-out is for Pop-up sigs
  15. yeah lol Storm is no more just put it there for good old times
  16. Sry had to take it down Someone bought the PSD admin please close this
  17. Thank you I will Post the Finished Project also in a couple of days
  18. something i made 2day ;D ;D still working on Textures and such
  19. hell that looks like fun good job everyone ;D