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  1. i was just playing COD 4 online at 1:00 pm on monday afternoon no problems:D
  2. Tri-Cannon


    I thought that and i said something to my ex....but i know in my heart i don't want to be with my ex.. And when i see my future i only see my current girlfriend. I just got home from spending a couple hours with her. We laid together on her couch and she fell asleep while i held her and i made sure everytime she woke up i was looking at her i just laid there while she slept it was gay as it might sound there is nothing more perfect she kissed me and i think she is remembering the guy she met...not the guy that made the mistake. So all the advice that has been said i appreciate everything and i am working on this and giving her everything i got my next step is i might make a photo album and i know for sure saturday night i'm making her dinner from scratch.
  3. Tri-Cannon


    I want to thank all of you for your advice....i'm heading over to her house right i am putting myself through this at such a young age its because this girls is unbelievable and were still so young. She will sleep over and play video games hang out with my brother me and her and just relax and have some good fun i've never met a girl who was so beautiful and did so much for me in so little time....being together we have both almost lost each other forever as we both were in car accidents in the first month of dating and both totaled are cars making us see how much more we loved each other and how scared we were to loose one another. There has been alot of issues with her parents not liking me because the accident didn't help and they think i'm a drug dealer cause her mom heard me say the drop is in ten minutes...i'm pretty sure i was talking to my buddy saying the game or war was in ten minutes as we were in Black 2 at that time and it was a war night. So its been a wild adventure and i'm about to put myself through hell for this girl...her parents hate me but i don't care they probably don't even want to look at me her friends hate me everyone on her end hates me and i'm going to be there and stick it out and get what i deserve i don't want to give up. I know it will not happen again! I can swear that on my life.
  4. Tri-Cannon


    Thanks. I appreciate everything!
  5. Tri-Cannon


    It was with my ex....And hell no from what i can remember the sex sucked i have never been that drunk/stoned. I was really messed up. Sav i appreciate that and she has told her parents and all her friends her baseball team everyone hates me understandably and i'm still going to be here and still even though everyone hates me stand by her side and show them otherwise as for the cruise i can't do it. I will come up with something i already wrote a long as letter she is going away for school only about an hour from me and i can go see her whenever but i want to move there so i think my first step is i'm going to by a car and move closer to her show her i want to be with her. I don't know why i cheated i really don't but i regret it every second i haven't been to work in about 4 days now been lying to my boss. I don't care if i get fired but i am having the hardest days. We text each other alot and all her texts used to end with i love you or xoxox i have so many of them locked of things she said that no one else has ever. I am that nice guy who always finished last now that i've come in first i fucked up and should i be worried she is not saying i love you right away or? Is that something i'm going to have to give her sometime to be able to say. I also want to say when i'm with her i still make her laugh and smile, its when i'm not with her i worry she is going to just see me and the other girl. I was with her last night made her feel happy seen her laugh again, thing is she is going away on a ball tournament for a week and i only get to see her once before she leaves and i might be working that day!
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    I know weird post but i need some advice i know this community is closed and has helped others through there good times and bad. I'm just looking for a little advice. I know its sappy yada yada whatever but what would you guys do if you were losing you wife or your girlfriend that you love more than anything. You going to watch her walk away or you going to fight for her?
  7. Tri-Cannon


    Ok. First of all i know this is a weird question to ask but even though i'm back together with my girl i'm still disgusted with myself. Has anyone ever cheated or been cheated on and still made their relationship work? I ask this cause this weekend i fucked up and cheated on my girlfriend, I'm honestly not that kind of guy i don't know what happened but i do know its no excuse i was as drunk as i have ever been. I told her and she wouldn't talk to me i talked her last night and she said she didn't think she could do it. I just told her things that we had been through happy things made her laugh and then she said fine she will give it a try we kissed everything seems to be going on the write track. The only thing is i can't do nothing....i feel like shit, I love her so much and i think i'm being selfish and not being the nice guy i should by not saying what i'm actually thinking which is I fucked up and i don't deserve to have you back. I can't bring myself to do that this girl means absolutely everything to me and just to be with her i through away a two year relationship. I was wondering has anyone gone through cheating is it possible to make it work. Cause i fucked up i'm having trouble forgiving myself and yeah...i'm not that kind of guy. Any help would be necessary feel free to call me a moron as i know i am one.
  8. Yeah that was said on the players behalf i'm also not liking the radar and i don't hear any enemy down or anything.
  9. i love that thing the evolution of dance the guy is pretty good part 2 is coming out soon.
  10. Lol they will cut it a little or they will have a bunch of bundle packs for the same price around christmas speaking of that confrontation suppose to come out november 15th so can we say here come some more christmas noobs lol.
  11. Although this discussion went the wrong way in my opinion i do understand that you think it is an unfair advantage. Wouldn't it only be unfair if no one had played socom 1 or 2 before because everyone else has played those maps they won't differ exact same map graphics a little different but almost everyone here has played socom one or two so.
  12. Now i'm not trying to be an ass but if your going to give away the end of the movie please say something like SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then type what your going to say cause i haven't seen the movie and now i know what happens.