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  1. im starting to like this more and more each time i play it. the game modes have a much better selection then ground war. I cant stand TDM or Sabbotage.
  2. imo mw2 doesnt have tps view at all...its OTS. anyways the first time i tried it i hated it. since then though ive gottin used to it and its not bad. I can go either way tps or fps wherever the competative play is going to be thats where i will be.
  3. what you cant say hi linde. dont be butthurt because i havent gottin back to you on phone calls man ive had a really rough fricken year.
  4. whats up gunner. its Mike-ops from TOU. long time no see. did linde come with you guys or is he still in SHO?
  5. Im a big socom fan and a fan of the tps. I have no problem getting around in a FPS. I do however have a problem with any military type game with no clan support!!!!!!! if mw1 had any clan support im sure i would have played it longer. If mw2 has no clan support i wont spend alot of time on that game either.
  6. wow cheeba you have been with that clan for a while now huh. btw this is Mike-OPs if you remember me.
  7. we do have confirmation that medleys will be 100% random after 1.60
  8. that is so true with the quickmatch. ive only played in one QM room when it stayed running for a couple of maps.
  9. I think the saints can beat anyone anywhere. they are the team to beat this year.
  10. random med. is huge IMO. and this borderland im going to have to check out ive heard good things about it!
  11. they better have those 2 or im pretty much done with socom when MW2 comes out!
  12. i was wondering about this movie. and whoever posted about scary movies not being scary with you.
  13. good stuff. well i have a year and 2 month old Cane Corso. (italian mastiff) for a corso its actually small. around 110 lbs. he is tall though. it never fails when im playing socom or just watching tv on my reclyner if he isnt in his crate and wants to play he will get up and walk to my right side. Now ive watched every dog whisperer show ever and your suppossed to ignore your dog when he is about to get crazy. so heres the scenerio....his nose is right in line with my eyes just to my right and i can see his little nub of a tail going 100 hundred miles an hour just wanting me to pay attention to him and all i can think and say to myself is "please just lay down". Yea wishfull thinking as soon as he licks my face its over and he thinks its playtime. he also knocks over every cup he passes by with his nose. why couldnt i just get a pit???
  14. uh hello fox......why not jessica beil << think thats how its spelled....would be a better challenger.
  15. I know there are some good sig creators on these boards. I was wondering if someone could mess around and make me a sig that has to do with my name. I mean the name and colors blue and red just like the old style beer can.
  16. wow how could i forget GLADIATOR that is light years above troy!!!
  17. wow those first 2 lists suprise me 1 Braveheart 2 american history x 3 outsiders 4 hangover 5 vision quest 6 band of brothers 7 when we were soldiers 8 old school 9 pirates of the caribean (the black pearl) 10 I liked the lord of the rings movies.